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Percy Olsen

Welcome to the re-launch of StudLife’s blogs! After weeks of “Student Life’s blog network is being re-vamped and will be up soon!” the link actually takes you to a real website. Huzzahs all around!

Things are finally going places, and we appreciate how patient you guys have waited. Honestly, we’ve been anxious for the launch too, fidgeting in our sleep after every setback, eating unhealthy amounts of Crunchers before and after every meal, but now it’s finally here.

Cadenza will lead the way with seven, count’em, seven blogs baking in our Funcooker. Arts and culture blogs are the perfect fit for Cadenza’s Funcooker because a) we almost always produce more content than StudLife can print, and b) a lot of our writers (we call them Cadenza Reporters) have unique voices that should really shine online. So click on the entries to get started and don’t forget to bookmark studlife.com/funcooker. You know. If people even bookmark anymore.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect on a daily basis from The Funcooker:

Mondays – Take on TV

Home of television thoughts, recaps and live-blogs from our TV Editor, Andie Hutner.

Tuesdays – Stratocoaster

Weekly dose of sexy, aggressive music musings from our Music Editor, Steve Hardy.

Wednesdays – Rocket Jump

Video games finally get discussed on the internet thanks to our Video Games Editor, Michael Yang.

Thursdays – The Play’s the Thing

Theater news from around the world on and on campus from our Theater Editor, Davis Sargeant.

Fridays – Reeling it In

Movie news and probably a couple entries of celebrity gossip from our Movie Editor, Alex Terrono.

Saturdays & Sundays – Cappricio

“Cappricio,” according to Wikipedia, is a piece of music that is “usually free form and of a lively character.” It’s like a mini-Cadenza! Expect miscellaneous scraps we missed from last week with Cadenza’s Editors, Percy Olsen and Steph Spera.

Look out for a complete redesign in the coming days. We also want to throw in a celebrity news blog soon, but we don’t have a name! We’ll make it up to the readers to decide, so suggest names in the comments. What should it be called?  Lens Flare? Stoparazzi? How about The Ointment, because it’s topical? Please write in suggestions, because the names we’ve come up with are all kinds of awful.

-Stercy Olera

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