20 Questions with Jason Ortwerth and Steve Schmidt

Renee Hires
Margaret Bauer

Two leading Washington University Baseball pitchers, junior Jason Ortwerth and Senior Steve Schmidt, impress reporter Renee Hires with their intelligence as they discuss the things that matter most in their lives, such as trucking, gambling, womanizing, winning in sports and having mom’s home cooking.

Student Life: What makes you both worthy of a 20 Questions article?

Jason Ortwerth: Besides the fact that we’re both incredibly good looking? Steve, quit laughing. You’re like a hyena.

Steve Schmidt: Hyena? Next question. Wait! We’re beer pong champions. We should teach lessons. Fifteen dollars, and we reveal all.

SL: How have you guys become such good friends?

SS: We’re not! We actually hate each other. It’s just like they said in that one movie…

JO: Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. That’s what I’m doing. Plus, I like Steve because he is my beer pong partner, and he’s also a good pitcher. He’s my hero.

SL: What were your previous college experiences like?

SS: I went to a hole in the wall known as Kaskaskia College, famous for its trucking school. I wanted to become a trucker!

JO: I went to SWIC. Southwestern Illinois College. It’s the worst school ever!

SS: No! Kaskaskia’s the worst.

JO: Okay. The people who went to his school are the people who didn’t get into my school, so he is a step below.

SS: I just wanted to drive the big rigs. Also, there are many adult superstores along the highway, and all I’ve ever wanted to do in life is talk on the CB radio. Oh, and my biggest thrill in life, when I was a kid, was to be the little kid saying honk your horn! I wanted to get little kids to do that to me.

JO: But my life was run by a man with a mullet. For two years of my life I was in hell.

SS: Meanwhile, I was on my way to becoming a trucker.

JO: What would your name be on the CB radio, Steve? What would your name be? Wolverine!

SS: I don’t know. Gambler, over and out!

SL: Why did you guys decide to transfer to WU?

JO: To get edjamacated. Why did you come, Steve?

SS: The ladies. All of them. I heard rumors around St. Louis of what fine, upstanding women socialized at this university.

SL: Okay. Where is your favorite place to hang out?

SS: Is this multiple choice?

JO: Used to be Humphries, but now…

SS: You’re not even 21!

JO: I [turned] 21 Sunday! …but I am becoming a big Lacledes fan now. Where’s your favorite place to hang out, Steve?

SS: The boats.

JO: Which boat, Steve?

SS: Casino Queen. I like to go visit my friends Julia and John. John likes to drop it like it’s hot when you double down. Bonnie’s tight too. I have a personal relationship with every blackjack dealer on the boat.

SL: Jason, I hear you were a Missouri state champ in baseball.

JO: Well, actually, my team [from DeSmet High School] won a state championship. I didn’t really participate. My long-time teammate Joel Farrell would also tell you that we did not win a state championship, even though we have our names on the banner. Our team won it, and we were just there. But we cheered and cheered real loud.

SL: How did you guys get started playing baseball?

SS: I really liked to run as a kid. All I did was run around that bases as fast as I could. But one day I felt like I just had to run and run, so I started from the baseball field. They found me passed out at a construction site an hour later.

SL: Steve, why didn’t you join a track team?

SS: I was not a big fan of the artificial surfaces that these tracks were composed of. I really like dirt. That might have been how I got my new nickname on the team, Dirt Face. I’m Dirt Face or Ducky, because apparently I walk like a duck.

SL: What other sports have you guys played?

JO: I actually played basketball in college for a while, and I still plan to play for WU. Another sport we are both very accomplished at has to be beer pong.

SS: It’s just a kiss of the hops. It’s all in the bend of the knee. We’re 23-0 in tournament play and 0-1 in exhibition play. And we barely even play. We just started! That’s just how gifted of athletes we are.

JO: And you know how it’s considered a drinking game? Well for us, it’s not. We don’t ever actually drink. We’re so good that we each just bring a soda for ourselves and watch everyone else have to drink. No one else even comes close, except Alan Germano. I would like to give a shout out to Alan Germano because I saw him actually running and exercising the other day.

SL: What do you like most about playing for Wash. U.?

JO: All the wonderful friends I’ve made on this team. I would really like to just thank God for giving us the opportunity to play here. I love all these guys. I give a shout out to tough Chico.

SS: I want to give a shout out to Rudy. Just keep on running, Rudy.

JO: By the way, we give a shout out to LoBosco and props to freshman Andy Shields. Even though Andy is one of the better players on our team, he is still the guy who has to get up at 7:15 in the morning to open up the second field. And, a shout out to T-bone, Hambone and my wanna-be older brother…

SS: Stone Cold!

SL: What’s your nickname, Jason?

JO: I’m OJ, or Juice.

SL: How are your pitching styles different?

JO: Steve’s good, and I just kind of throw the ball and hope it goes where it’s supposed to.

SS: Jason throws the gas. He strikes everyone out. I have to catch for him and he hurts my hand. I have to go to the training room every day.

JO: That is not actually true. He’s just trying to be nice. This guy Steve just wins.

SS: Actually, I’m 3-5.

JO: Oh yeah, I win. I’m 4-2.

SL: But Steve is very versatile. Steve, What’s your favorite position?

JO: Ha ha ha… Better be short stop.

SS: No, I love to catch. My favorite position is catcher because all of the females in attendance can stare at my sexy physique. Granted, it isn’t as good as Alan Germano’s.

SL: Do you guys follow a lot of sports?

SS: Yes, but I just have one question for all you Nascar fans. What are you watching? I would rather go out on the highway and watch traffic than watch cars go around in a circle. One sport I would love to become more involved in is curling. I don’t really know what the positions are, but the guy who mops rocks. I’d be the mopper.

SL: Do you have a favorite college or pro team?

JO: Mizzou. If they could not pay their players, I’d like them a lot more. And, they can’t ever win a game, so they’re paying a bunch of guys to lose? And, let’s go Blues. But get this, the number one team I hate in all of sports is the Detroit Redwings. First of all, they’re like the New York Yankees of hockey. But, the reason I hate them the most is because they take all our good players, Brett Hull, Brendan Shanahan and Curtis Joseph. They stole the heart and soul of the Blues. We lose every time against them! A certain person from Detroit, Ohio needs to read that.

SS: Detroit, Ohio?

JO: Oh god? Did I say that?

SL: Well, moving on, what do you do in your spare time?

SS: Casino! Dollar drinks. That’s all.

JO: I love playing golf, actually. Congratulations by the way to Phil Mickelson. He is my favorite person to see win because then you get to see his wife walk out on the green.

SS: Oh yeah dude, she’s so hot. Gorgeous! Hot!

SS: You know what we need to do? Word association!

SL: Alright. Tarp?

JO: Sucks!

SS: Ramos naked!

SL: Baseball?

JO: Boring.

SS: Um… computers?

SL: Tight white pants?

JO: Chicks dig it.

SS: First of all, that was three words, and secondly, they’re too tight. They’re obstructive. No, constrictive.

JO: At first they’re constrictive, but after awhile, they become a part of you! Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World!

SL: Pitchers?

SS: Of beer? Is this a trick question?

JO: Uh… great lovers. Change that. I’ll say center of attention.

SS: I’ll take great lovers.

JO: No, I want great lovers.

SS: Oh! Now he wants it!

JO: That was my first answer! Great lovers is mine!

SS: Anyhow, all I want to say is that everyone should make a venture to the east side in his life time. The Ill. side. One, Casino Queen. Two, multiple strip clubs. Three, St. Libory, the coolest place on earth. It’s money! Why? Because of chickens.

SL: Interesting… You both must enjoy being locals.

JO: Well, it sucks, because I’m not living in San Diego. I want to surf. Please, if anyone knows of a blonde hair, blue eyed California surfer chick send her my way. But then again, it’s nice that you get mom’s home cooking. But, um, it’s nice that you get mom’s home cooking. But, but… what was I going to say? Terrible memory. It’s nice that you get mom’s home cooking.

SS: Okay, I think you said that three times.

SL: And you said Detroit, Ohio.

JO: Maybe, but I said great lovers first!

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