Mirthful breaks from mind-numbing studying

Yarden Maoz

As exam time approaches, everyone needs a little spice in their life. Washington University is known for its dedicated and hard working students who study ruthlessly for hours on end. This winter, in the words of Emeril Lagasse from Emeril Live, let’s “take things up a notch” and show the world that we can study and have fun.all at the same time. Here are the best (and weirdest) quick study break ideas for the exam period 2006.

Sit in a circle with fellow studiers and see who can eat six saltines in 60 seconds and then whistle.

Grab your roommate or anyone else on your floor who needs a break, put your pillows against a wall, and have a handstand contest.

Play “would you rather” with people from your floor or dorm and come up with ridiculous questions. Example: Would you rather have a diet of only eating cockroaches for the rest of your life, or would you rather live in the desert for all eternity?

If there are a lot of people on your floor, you can play this game. Have everyone stand in their doorway and have one person be the leader. The leader calls out costume ideas, such as “luau” or “’80s,” and everyone must go to their closet, find something that fits the costume description and the first person to the common room wearing the right attire wins.

Have everyone on your floor put on their nicest dresses/suits and come into the hall for some sparkling cider and take lots of pictures.

Make Chanukah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa decorations out of construction paper and glitter.

Toss an apple back and forth with a friend, catching it with a fork.

Face your roommate after just finishing a chapter of reading or a paragraph of an essay and see which one of you can make the weirdest noise.

It is a common perception that Wash. U. students live at the library. Hopefully, these ideas will encourage you to think about studying in your room sometimes, and you can always have quick de-stressing, fun games to play and fun people to play with for a break. Don’t just work out or spend 20 minutes on Facebook as your study break; try these fun ideas and you’ll see that studying will be so much easier.

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