Student Life names Fults editor in chief for 2007-2008 year

Mandy Silver

Junior Erin Fults has been named editor in chief of Student Life for the 2007-2008 school year by the Board of Directors of Washington University Student Media, Inc., the newspaper’s publisher. The announcement was made at Student Life’s annual banquet Friday night.

Fults, currently Student Life’s Senior Scene Editor, will begin her tenure as editor in chief on April 4, 2007.

As editor in chief, Fults is responsible for hiring the editorial staff, overseeing the production of the newspaper and making all final editorial decisions before it is printed.

Fults, self-described as a “people person,” hopes to take an open-minded approach to managing the paper.

“I want all staff members, campus groups and any student to feel they can approach me about a concern or an event,” said Fults. “When you can connect with people and can make them feel a part of something, you gain their dedication and earn their contributions.”

Fults has been involved in Student Life since her freshman year and has served the paper in a variety of capacities including news reporter, scene reporter and special features editor.

While enthusiastic about her new position and optimistic about the future of Student Life, Fults said she faces staffing challenges.

“Washington University doesn’t have a journalism program and we don’t attract our writers by credit or money, so recruiting students is always a concern and a priority,” said Fults. “The biggest challenge is maintaining a large staff. You have to seek out the passionate people who are willing to dedicate a lot to the paper.”

Washington University Student Media, Inc.’s (WUSMI) Board of Directors interviewed Fults on Friday before making its final decision based upon her application, a board interview and the recommendation of the staff.

Student Life’s current editor in chief, senior Sarah Kliff, expressed her confidence in the board’s selection and Fults’s leadership and interpersonal skills.

“I think Erin is going to do a great job with the paper. I have worked with her for three years and she has been a great leader,” said Kliff. “I expect that to continue. She is one of the most reliable people I have worked with. As our Senior Scene Editor she is always looking for new ways to make the paper better.”

Fults intends to continue to strengthen the relationship Kliff built between Student Life and its readership.

“My goal is to maintain the strong paper that we have now and to continue to inform, educate and entertain the student body. I want to leave Student Life in a closer relationship with the student body,” said Fults. “Sarah worked towards this goal by developing the blogs and I plan to continue to reach out and connect with students.”

In addition to selecting the editor in chief, the WUSMI board also recognized two graduating staff members for their achievements over the past four years.

Kliff received the Gregory M. Freeman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism. In addition, News Editor Laura Geggel received the Gregory M. Freeman Award for Excellence in Journalism.

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