Libelous page not found

The Bunny is thinking, therefore he exists. This page, however, does not think, therefore it does not exist.

The Bunny is desperately searching for your page, but he’s pretty sure it doesn’t exist. He’s still looking for it though because he feels pressured by you. Why would you pressure the Bunny? What did he do to you other than look creepy? Say sorry to the Bunny.

How entitled of you, clicking on a link to nowhere and then expecting us to come up with a page for you. Well we didn’t. You’ve just been 404’ed.

Much like Sarah Palin’s famed bridge, you just clicked on a “Link to Nowhere.”

April Fools! This page does not exist.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this article actually existed? Sadly, it does not.

Maybe if you reload the page realllllllllllly nicely (say please!), the article you wanted will actually show up. But the Bunny doubts it.

The Bunny’s a little busy right now taking a phone call, so he couldn’t grab the page you were looking for. If you wait just a little bit he swears he’ll wrap it up.

An ode to the 404: Oh 404 error message, how you laugh in my face as I innocently try to access the page. Oh page, why must you be non-existent?

Bunnies bunnies everywhere, lil hopping bunnies I swear. Yet no page to be found. The Bunny sincerely apologizes.

I feel hoppy, oh so hoppy, I feel hoppy and floppy and gayyyyyyyyyyyy, and I pity anybody who is looking for a page today. DA DA DA DAA DAAA DA DAAAA DA DUM.

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