‘Daya’ing from excitement for this year’s WUStock

The WUStock artist for 2017 was revealed to be Daya just as the Congress of the South 40 Battle of the Bands was wrapping up Jan. 28.

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CS40 announces Daya to headline WUStock in April

Singer/songwriter Daya will headline this year’s WUStock, which will be held on April 1, Congress of the South 40 announced Saturday.

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BORNS electrifies wind-struck audience at WUStock

Despite strong wind currents, students gathered on the Swamp on Saturday, April 2, for this year’s WUStock. Inflatables, velcro walls, doughnuts and free food were all part of the chilly afternoon on the South 40. Devin and the Atmospheres, Glenn MacDonald, 8 Dollars Off and DJ Alter performed as well, setting the energized mood as students eagerly waited for the main act, BORNS.

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WUStock reaction: BØRNS to play the Swamp

This year’s WUStock artist was announced in traditional Congress of the South 40 fashion. In case you haven’t spotted the giant letters outside Olin, BORNS, the 24-year-old indie pop artist from Michigan, will be coming to the Swamp on April 2.

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BORNS to headline 2016 WUStock concert on South 40

Pop artist BORNS will perform at WUStock in April, Congress of the South 40 announced on Monday. CS40 revealed the name of the artist by placing large letters in the grass west of Olin Library.

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Student band 8 Dollars Off returns to the WUStock stage

If you’ve been paying any attention to the campus music scene lately, you might have started seeing one band around quite a lot. This four-person tour-de-force has been making its way around campus: deafening the Co-op, entertaining Ursa’s patrons and rocking the small music practice room in Park House.

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5 songs MKTO should cover at WUStock

When MKTO takes the stage Saturday, it will bring only one album’s worth of original material. As with many young bands, MKTO will likely perform a cover or two to round out its set.

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MKTO announced for WUStock

At midnight Monday, the Congress of the South 40 revealed MKTO as the artist chosen to perform at this year’s WUStock concert. The band is most well known for its single “Classic” that debuted in 2013.

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Where’s Waka Flocka? Cadenza reacts to MKTO at WUStock

So, now that the flames from the WUStock reveal have died down, it’s time to consider what we have left in the ashes. Our artist is MKTO, and if you (like a large part of the student body) are scratching your head in confusion, then just pull up YouTube and search its most famous single, “Classic.” If you’re going to know anything by the pop/hip-hop duo of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, that song is the one.

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Cadenza picks the best from WUStock Survey

Now, the survey for the spring 2015 WUStock is out, and there’s a little something for everyone on it, from pure bubblegum pop to indie rock or rap. If you’re feeling a little confused, the Cadenza staff has picked five of the best bets from the list to put on the top of your artist survey.