Car crashes near Village East

A student crashed his car into the ditch along the south side of the Village East residential building while pulling out of the Millbrook garage Saturday night. The Washington University Police Department (WUPD) was notified of the accident at 11:20 p.m., and two officers were dispatched at 11:24 p.m. to assist on the scene and write a report.

| Senior News Editor

WUPD to form student advisory group

Washington University Police Chief Mark Glenn will create a student advisory group to improve communications between the Washington University Police Department and the student body.

Ted Moskal | Contributing Reporter

From the passenger’s seat: A night with WUPD

In light of Student Life’s reporting on recent crime in the area, WUPD offered to let a reporter ride along with an officer for a night. The following is an account of what happened on Thursday, Oct. 4.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

The fined piper: The inside story of WU’s only serial bagpipe player

Last Tuesday, if you were anywhere near the Liggett-Koenig lawn, you may have been greeted by a highly unusual noise: the music of bagpipes.

Jonah Goldberg | Staff Writer

Staff editorial: WU doesn’t just have a crime problem, it has a communication problem

Not only should the University alert the student body when these crimes occur, many would appreciate continual updates afterward.

Carjacking incident reported on Pershing Avenue

Another carjacking incident was reported on the 6000 block of Pershing Avenue Thursday night.

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Op-ed: Rejecting policing and dismantling the Washington University ‘bubble’

There exists a multifaceted explanation as to why there is an uptick of violence surrounding Washington University, but many of its factors have been ever-present and are continually reinforced by the University.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Op-ed: Is the Wash. U. bubble getting safer or smaller?

Washington University is a bubble. Students hardly get off campus, except for the Delmar Loop, and frequently their only knowledge of the St. Louis area consists of “don’t go north of Delmar Boulevard,” “the Metro is unsafe,” “don’t cross the river” or “stay in the county.”

Sarah Dyott | Class of 2019

University administrators respond to spike in crime

Washington University administrators addressed the recent wave of crime near campus and outlined new security measures in separate emails sent to parents and students Sept. 18.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

Increased security can be harmful for black and brown students

Many have called for an increased police presence to patrol the neighborhoods to make students feel safe. But which students would actually feel safer?

| Staff Writer