Lil Dicky for fall WILD uninspired, problematic headliner

The big secret is out—the headliner for 2017 fall WILD is rapper Lil Dicky. With all the expectations surrounding WILD, its not surprising that reactions to Lil Dicky are mixed.

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Student body divided on choice of Lil Dicky for WILD

Social Programming Board announced that rapper and comedian Lil Dicky will headline the upcoming fall WILD Thursday, Sept. 14. This selection has left the student body divided—both in terms of musical preference and on moral grounds.

Andrew Celli | Contributing Reporter

Lil Dicky to headline fall WILD

Comedic rapper and hip-hop artist Lil Dicky, will headline fall WILD, Social Programming Board announced Thursday.

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The economics behind WILD

With a huge budget increase, Social Programming Board had a fantastic opportunity to do something different and appeal to a larger majority of Wash. U. students. But, to the surprise of few, SPB did not capitalize on the opportunity.

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WILD opener lives up to hype

In the past, Student Life has criticized Washington University’s Social Programming Board for it’s lack of cognizance of student wants or transparency, but, this time, we have to hand it to them—they did a pretty good job. Jason Derulo, while not the first name most people think of when picking a concert to attend, is a well-liked and reasonable pick.

So long Brookings: Where we would rather have WILD

Each semester—well, during semesters we don’t host presidential debates—hoards of Washington University students make the trek towards Brookings Quadrangle to sing along, dance along or move along to whatever throwback/rapper/DJ that Social Programming Board chooses to grace the WILD stage. But why not switch it up a little?

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Derulo better WILD choice over rumored A$AP Rocky pick

Social Programming Board announced Jason Derulo as the headliner for April 28 with Natalie La Rose as the opening act. With at least eight well-known, easily recognizable hit songs, Derulo is by far the better pick for spring WILD and represents what all students should want: a high-energy, outdoor party to blow off a full semester’s worth of stress.

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2017-2018 general budget passed by Senate and Treasury

Student Union allocated almost $3.5 million Sunday night, funding two WILDs, nixing a Social Programming Board’s proposed welcome week concert and doubling the Trending Topics budget following daylong Saturday and Sunday joint sessions of Treasury and Senate.

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Senate, Treasury to vote on 2017-2018 budget

Senate and Treasury will vote on the 2017-2018 budget this upcoming Sunday, a procedure that led to the cancellation of 2016 fall WILD last year.

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What pairs well?: Who SPB should bring for WILD and comedy

Social Programming Board recently released and closed the second survey gauging student interest in comedians and potential WILD artists. It renewed a debate within Cadenza over which comedian and which WILD artist should be chosen. Below are our dream teams for the semester.