Whispers Cafe introduces trial run for new kiosk ordering systems

Dining Services introduced two touch-screen kiosks in Whispers Cafe over winter break for students to order food and drinks and skip the traditional, in-person registers.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

In defense of waiting in line

I don’t enjoy physically standing and waiting around to reach whatever the final destination of said line may be, but I do enjoy the principle behind it: order.

| Senior Forum Editor

Hey Lil Mamma, lemme whisper in your ear: ‘Whispers is Here’

Whisper’s Cafe is back. The reunion was tentative and a little bit awkward.

and | Senior Scene Editors

Whispers Cafe reopens after 18 months of construction

Olin Library’s Whispers Cafe reopened Tuesday after an 18-month hiatus, offering new coffee and tea options in its latest iteration.

Jessica Bigley | Contributing Reporter

Whispers etiquette

Maybe you fear the silence of the A-stacks. Or perhaps you want to eat a delicious chocolate-chip scone without worrying about your noisy chewing or that crackling noise of the paper bag. Maybe you just want to do some people-watching while attempting to read a chapter from your psychology textbook. Whatever the situation, you find yourself in Whispers Cafe.

| Staff Writer

Frozen yogurt machine now located at Whispers Café

Tuesday morning not only signaled the beginning of the fall semester but also the introduction of a frozen yogurt machine to Whispers Cafe. The addition of this succulent snack is one that students already love.

Tyler Friedman | Student Life

Bon Appétit bites into politics with cookie sale

Narrow margins. Partisan biases. Dubious counting methods. This is not the 2000 election—it’s the Washington University cookie contest, held in anticipation of the vice presidential debate.

| Contributing Reporter