Washington University student killed in auto-pedestrian accident

A Washington University student died after an auto-pedestrian accident in Wilmington, N.C. June 2.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Letter to the Editor

If higher education truly wishes to help solve the world’s complex problems, it is essential that all voices get a seat at the table, including those of graduate student workers.

Meredith Kelling | Graduate Student in the College of Arts & Sciences

A history of sex: The official quiz

It might be hard to believe, but every human in history is the result of sex. But how much has the dirty deed really changed since the dawn of mankind? Take our quiz to find out.

| Senior Scene Editor

2014-2015 tuition to rise 3.6 percent to $45,700

Undergraduate tuition at Washington University in St. Louis will be $45,700 for the 2014-15 school year, a 3.6 percent or $1,600 increase, Barbara Feiner, vice chancellor for finance, announced early Friday morning. The University will require a student activity fee of $457, 1 percent of the annual tuition, and the health and wellness fee will […]

| Staff Reporter

“Washington University,” the No. 2 “diploma mill” in the world?

It is already confusing enough that there are so many universities named after Washington. This month, a widespread news article in China named “Washington University” the #2 diploma mill in the world. Now, the Wash. U. students from China have one more thing to explain to their friends and future employers.

Swastikas etched onto car, tires slashed outside ZBT house

Max LaVictoire, a sophomore living in the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) house at 7020 Forsyth Blvd., returned from Spring Break Friday to find three swastikas keyed onto his car and all of his tires slashed.
He said that three other cars on Forsyth and in the ZBT lot –-all ZBT members–had their tires slashed as well

and | Student Life Editors

Wrighton names McLeod’s successors

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Washington University’s new Dean of Arts & Sciences and new Vice Chancellor for Students on Thursday.
The University has been working since September to fill the positions previously held by late James McLeod who passed away on the 6th of that month.

| Editor-in-Chief

Former student helps Market Pub House create sports bar, college niche

When he reflects on his time as a Washington University student, Rob Hazelwood remembers both the good and the bad. Carrying couches and cases of beer to the quad with his fraternity brothers for W.I.L.D.; legally drinking on the patio of the Theta Xi Fraternity house; receiving dirty looks at and rejections from restaurants in the area; drunk driving on the way back from bars downtown.

| Associate Editor

Occupy the University meets in Mallinckrodt, few students attend

Occupy activists may not have actually been protesting anything on campus yesterday, but that didn’t stop their meeting from being relocated.

| Staff Reporter

You are here, live with it

A recent publication of Student Life has yet again illuminated an issue of ostensibly infinite concern for many Washington University students: rankings. A news report and a staff editorial brought to our attention the fact that the University’s international reputation does not seem to match its national reputation.

| Staff Columnist