Op-ed submission: We all deserve better

For far too long, we’ve lived in a culture and system of asymmetrical power and violence, one in which men consistently commit violence against other beings. As Washington University students, we’ve learned a lot about bystander intervention and about how to protect and look after our fellow community-members.

Ingrid Archibald | Class of 2018

How to respond to common cop-killing defense arguments

In any case where a black person is killed by a police officer, some common points emerge to justify the crimes. If you find yourself grasping for evidence to oppose such claims, I hope that the following responses—more specifically tailored to the Darren Wilson case—can help.

| Senior Forum Editor

Seven Psychopaths

There is a fine line between grotesque and high art when dealing with exploding heads and blood-splattered walls. Few directors today are able to walk that line with the macabre hilarity that Martin McDonagh does.

| Movie Editor

The need for self-defense on the Loop

I live north of the Loop in University Terrace. It’s an area known for its elevated crime rate, and recently, worried about the safety of myself and those I care about, I purchased a 2,500 KV “defense flashlight.” I believe it to be a great investment, and I think all students who live north of the Loop should similarly equip themselves.

| Staff Columnist

‘24’: It’s the only thing that kept my family together

Just a few weeks ago, Fox pulled the plug on its venerable series, “24.” How do we think the series is going to end? Honestly, who knows? Like the entire plot of “Lost” packed into every season, nothing is ever what it seems.

| Cadenza Reporter

Installation artwork set to highlight violence in media

A student’s art exhibit, “American Patriotic,” highlights the role of violence in movies and the influence of those movies on American society.

| Senior News Editor

Violence is addictive

With the upcoming release of well-established games like “Fallout 3,” “Gears of War 2” and other “violent” videogame series, I started to notice that there were more studies coming out regarding children and violent videogames. It bothers me every time I hear that violent video games are bad for children. To begin with, the problem […]

| Forum Editor