Black Mental Health Forum opens intersectional dialogue

The Black Mental Health Forum, sponsored by the Association of Black Students, provided a space for students to openly discuss mental health in the black community Friday, Nov. 17.

| Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: The bias of empathy

Calls for empathy will go unanswered and largely unfulfilled if we first do not understand the barriers to empathizing with people different from ourselves.

Sunidhi Singh | Class of 2017

Petitions for SU block funding open

In advance of Student Union’s general budget session, four student groups have chosen to apply for block funding: Habitat for Humanity, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Emergency Support Team.

| Senior News Editor

A letter to depressed students on “Wash U Confessions”

Despite the smiling faces that grace the covers of our brochures and viewbooks, unhappiness certainly has an ominous presence on campus. I guess it isn’t completely surprising that this is such a common sentiment—after all, Washington University is an intensely high-pressure environment. It’s almost too easy to fall into the clutches of feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, lonely and everything in between.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

PostSecret gets its message out

With over 170 secrets submitted, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Resource Center’s PostSecret event aimed to allow students to express their innermost thoughts and feelings through anonymous postcards. The Monday night event held as part of Mental Health Awareness Week had a large turnout and positive responses from students.

Leigh Brosof | Contributing Reporter

Special election puts block funding on fall ballot

In a special election Monday, students voted to amend the Student Union constitution to allow block funding to appear on the fall election ballot, as opposed to the spring ballot as in previous years.

| Editor-in-Chief

Wash. U. students more stressed than undergraduates nationally

“I wasn’t doing as well as I could, and no matter how hard I was trying, I still couldn’t get things going the right way.” This freshman pre-medical student described his immense struggle to balance academic work and a social life upon entering Washington University—his intense feelings of inadequacy compounded by his parents’ inability to understand his struggles.

Take care of your mental health

Student Life ran an article last week about rising nationwide rates of suicide and depression, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to remind students of the resources available on campus and to encourage everyone to get help when they need it. We know Wash. U. students worry sometimes about being seen as less than perfect, but they should know that plenty of students need extra resources from time to time.