Twitter and the democratization of discourse

When Twitter was first launched, it was lauded by many as a democratizing force. It still is.

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Twitter can generate activism, but it can also be an echo chamber

Twitter, like almost all forms of social media, initially draws you in with it’s irresistible constant production of tweets, but also lays a trap in which you inadvertently become sucked into a word of politics, clickbait videos and endless arguing.

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Understanding Wash. U.’s public stance on diversity

Washington University’s Twitter account—something you think about less than the rock museum in Rudolph Hall. Well, maybe until yesterday when the account congratulated the film “La La Land” on its many awards and how it “powerfully reflects race in Hollywood” while linking to an article written by a faculty member.

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Social injustice on social media

Since the killing of Mike Brown over a month ago, Twitter has driven worldwide attention to protests and ongoing abuse by law enforcement. The feeds of activists, including Antonio French and the Lost Voices, have kept focus and dialogue on Ferguson alive.

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Eternal life made easy: How the Internet never forgets and why we should remember that

Hi, my name is John Schmidt, and with this sentence, I’ve gained immortality. This column is, so to speak, my philosopher’s stone, my Great American Novel, my legacy. Each time a future employer, romantic interest or curious acquaintance Googles my name, somewhere in the search results this’ll be there, and I’ll be reviewed on Yelp! accordingly because of it.

Top 9 tweets from Halloween 2013:

Some believed the real “trick” was the student body: [tweet] [tweet] While others enjoyed their Halloween festivities: [tweet] #olin #wustl #Halloween — Vasily Kuznetsov (@DarkVasyaK) October 30, 2013 And of course, there numerous campus sightings of Pac-Man chased by a ghost: Why is there a ghost chasing pacman on washu campus? […]

The good and the bad of the Twitter IPO

Earlier this month, one of the largest still-private startups that seems to have reached ubiquity in today’s ever-connected world announced it had filed for an initial public offering.

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Twitter and the new future of journalism

On April 15, 2013, at 2:49 p.m. EST, two bombs exploded on Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Within seconds, the Twittersphere was abuzz. Between 4:06 and 7:04 p.m. that day, more than 500,000 tweets with the #BostonMarathon hashtag flooded Twitter.

CGI U Twitter Feed

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Colbert among names to speak at CGI U

Stephen Colbert will be one of more than a dozen celebrities and academics converging at Washington University in less than one month for the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting.

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