Student Union places new limits on student group appeals per semester

In an effort to optimize the usage of funds allotted in Treasury, Student Union has capped the number of successful appeals for student organizations per semester at three.

Emma Baker | Contributing Reporter

SU releases strategic plan, seeks further alignment

In an effort to establish more unity between Student Union entities and hold members accountable, SU’s executive board released a strategic plan Wednesday.

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Senate, Treasury recommend to fund $0 for new office space

Student Union Senate and Treasury recommended to fund $0 of the administration’s $100,000 request for new office furnishings Tuesday.

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Op-ed submission: Imposed Limites

We were allocated $0 out of $4251.25 appealed for buses, speaker, food and DJ. We watched for over an hour as our event was shredded to pieces.

Itzel Lopez | Class of 2018

Op-ed submission: Working toward a more representative SU

This year, the Diversity Affairs Council launched an inaugural project to collect data on the demographics of our Student Union officers to better understand how our student body is represented in SU.

Diversity Affairs Council

SU election turnout down in light of national elections

Despite contestation in both Senate and Treasury races, less than a quarter of students voted in the Student Union elections Tuesday.

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SU to expand Senate, rejects Treasury expansion, internal review board

Student Union passed an amendment to expand the size of the Senate while rejecting an amendment to expand the size of Treasury in a joint session Tuesday night.

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SU allocates $124K in funds, accepts 8 proposals for inaugural ‘Trending Topics’ speaker series

Student Union Treasury allocated $124,000 for the revamped Speakers Series, now called Trending Topics, accepting proposals from eight different student groups in a seven-hour session Saturday.

| News Editor

Student Union needs to reorganize speaker funding, selection

Every year, Student Union puts aside an inordinate amount of money to give students the opportunity to hear from a wide range of speakers on a number of topics—from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights to feminism to global health.

SU passes budget, allocates fall WILD talent budget to spring, adds debate programming funds

After over 11 hours of debate, the Student Union budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year passed Sunday with no money towards fall WILD, but a large increase in the budget for the spring 2017 WILD.

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