Pride Alliance hosts Trans Awareness Week

Pride Alliance celebrates Transgender Awareness Week with events on campus this week, Nov. 12 through Nov. 16.

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Trans awareness week aims to promote understanding, inclusivity

WashU Pride Alliance’s annual Trans Awareness Week, which brings events and speakers to Washington University to celebrate and recognize transgender identities and experiences, started Monday, Nov. 13 and will end Monday, Nov. 20.

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Trans* women of color panel concludes awareness week events

Panelists offered a diverse set of perspectives on being transgender, touching on issues from police brutality to the history and future of the trans* rights movement in the keynote panel of Wash U Pride Alliance’s Trans* Awareness Week.

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Treasury funds shuttle to play, Trans Week, speakers, debate team

They were born twelve years apart and had nothing but everything in common. A 14-year-old boy from Chicago had nothing in common with an optimistic 15-year-old girl from Germany until two men beat him, gouged out his eyes, shot him and dumped his corpse in a river because he was black.

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