WU, Title Mine plan changes to Title IX website

Washington University administration and student group Title Mine held a focus group for the redesign of the Title IX website Oct. 18. This focus group is a part of a larger Title IX reform effort to create implementation groups, which are individualized committees working on different aspects of Title IX reform.

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WU holds Title IX listening session in response to recent policy adjustments

Washington University held a listening session to gather feedback on the recent updates to the Title IX policy Wednesday, Sept. 12. The updated policy was released on Sept. 4 in response to demands made by Title Mine, a student activism group focusing on Title IX reform, last semester.

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Title Mine responds to Washington University’s report on Title IX updates

Student group Title Mine addressed changes to Washington University’s Title IX system with a statement posted to Facebook Sept. 4.

The statement details the demands that have been met, demands that are in progress and those that have not been met. It also explains what Title Mine organizers are currently doing in response to the changes.

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More work to do: Learning from Title IX changes beyond Wash. U.

This week we got some good news. Bittersweet news to some, hopeful news to others, but altogether good news. To be more specific, we received Washington University’s response to handling sexual assault and misconduct most heavily publicized in late April.

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Here’s an idea: Let’s talk to each other

On Tuesday, Washington University released the much-anticipated report responding to recommendations made by organizers of the Title Mine rally, a call to action demanding reform to the Title IX reporting process for sexual violence. While reading the University’s report, I felt that the school is moving in the right direction and working to equip the Title IX Office with the resources to improve the process for everyone involved.

Megha Uberoi | Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: Change requires action for Title IX

The prompt release of the University’s changes—in addition to the financial undertaking of adding six full-time staff members—demonstrates the administration’s commitment to the cause: It shows that they are willing to make real changes. However, we hope that the pledged changes will translate into tangible improvements to survivors’ experiences with Title IX.

WU announces changes to Title IX system in response to student demands

Washington University announced a variety of recommended changes to the University’s Title IX system, all of which have been approved by Chancellor Mark Wrighton, in a report released Sept. 4.

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Op-ed: A system where you can’t win

The system is broken every step of the way, and a complete rethinking of the Title IX process and how the school supports survivors—even beyond reporting—is needed.

Maddy Yaggi | Class of 2020

Op-ed: Let’s talk about due process after Title Mine

Due process is not a code word for the patriarchy or white supremacy. It is not for wrongdoers to get away with hurting others, or a shield for the privileged.

Victor Wang | Law School Class of 2018

Op-ed: Victim of the ‘gray area’

I hope that in the future students of this University will understand that this behavior will not be tolerated, and the lackadaisical way consent is treated will change. Consent matters and consent should be explicit.

Anonymous Student