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Day of Shame: Diving proudly into the campus theater experience

The annual “Day of Shame,” a 24-hour play festival produced by Washington University’s oldest student group, experimental theater group Thyrsus, delighted audiences Saturday night by presenting five unique plays that had not existed the night before.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Writer

Immerse yourself in absurdist theater with Thyrsus’ production of ‘The Bald Soprano’

Eugene Inesco—prompted by his frustration with learning the English language—wrote “The Bald Soprano,” a piece of absurdist theater characterized by its use of ineffective communication and non sequiturs. Thyrsus, Washington University’s theater group specializing in experimental and non-traditional theater, is taking on this absurdist piece for its spring show.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Delving into the unknown with ‘White Rabbit Red Rabbit’

Thyrsus took it’s chances on the improvisational play Friday night. Jordan Dubin starred as the show’s lone actor.

| Editor-in-Chief

Female producers and directors lead campus theater groups

All Student Theatre, Cast n’ Crew and Thyrsus all feature women in leading roles.

| Staff Writer

Reflections on ‘The Serpent’: A play asking the hard questions

A few weeks ago, Thyrsus performed “The Serpent,” a 1968 play developed by Jean-Claude van Itallie that juxtaposes scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis with various modern experiences.

Erica Sloan | Staff Writer

Thyrsus cancels show following resignations

Amid multiple resignations stemming from disputes about show management, student theatre group Thyrsus canceled its show, “The Skin of Our Teeth,” on Tuesday. The show was set to debut on Thursday, April 21.

| News Editor

‘A Day in the Life’ lives again

Missed your chance to see “A Day in the Life” at Wash. U.? Check out its second run this Sunday instead.

| Staff Writer

‘A Day in the Life’ aims to inspire action against exploitation

This Friday and Saturday, 13 Washington University women will take to the stage in the Village Black Box to share true stories of young women affected by commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. “A Day in the Life,” directed by Anna Richards (`l5) and produced by Thyrsus Student Theatre, makes its St. Louis debut this weekend and strives to shed light on stories usually hidden or ignored.

| TV Editor

No business like show business: Entertaining with limited resources

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: For the dozens of student-run and Student Union-funded performing arts groups on Washington University’s campus, putting on a show with a limited budget and limited resources can be a challenge.

| Managing Editor

Bored over break? Write a play!

Usually, I get my artistic fix at home by visiting the art museum and making crappy arts and crafts for relatives. This year, I’ve found a better use for my imagination over break—playwriting. Thankfully, there are a ton of opportunities to submit work in St. Louis, so I suggest you make like a playwright and grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up in your hometown’s best coffee shop and write.

| Theater Editor