Graduate Workers Union, Fossil Free protest Saturday

Members of the Washington University Graduate Workers Union and Fossil Free WashU held protests at Brookings Hall and Anheuser-Busch Hall Saturday.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Op-ed: Graduate workers and students put administration on notice

This past Saturday, we, the Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU), took action with Fossil Free WashU at ThurtenE Carnival to demand that Washington University stop its exploitation of graduate workers, St. Louis and the planet.

Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union

ThurtenE to return to original location and feature a visit from ‘Carnival Eats’

Washington University’s annual ThurtenE Carnival will be held in its original location near Francis Field April 11-13 and will feature a visit from Food Network’s show, “Carnival Eats.”

Kathleen White | News Editor

Spring has sprung: Events to ring in the new season

Despite what it might feel like outside, it officially became spring in St. Louis almost two weeks ago.

| Managing Editor

Challenging an institution

Title IX had passed nearly 20 years earlier in 1972, but the 80-plus-year-old honorary had yet to open its doors to women.

| Editor-in-Chief

Beta Theta Pi opts out of ThurtenE, will hold independent event

Beta Theta Pi will hold an alternative philanthropy event with a local charter school rather than participate in the ThurtenE Carnival this year.

| Staff Reporter

Changing ThurtenE landscape makes fundraising less of a facade

As tradition goes, fraternities and sororities on the Washington University campus construct facades for the nation’s oldest and largest student-run carnival, ThurtenE. This year, however, features a welcome shift in the quantity and types of facades constructed.

ThurtenE Carnival diversifies attractions, focuses on St. Louis community outreach

Participants in this year’s ThurtenE Carnival are moving away from the construction of full facades and towards a diversification of philanthropic organizations in an effort to expand community engagement.

| Senior News Editor

KD, Beta playground plan nixed, resources shifted

ThurtenE is known for the intricately designed facades and short plays created and put on by the University’s Greek organizations, but Kappa Delta and Beta Theta Pi shifted their focus towards a different project this year.

| Senior News Editor

ThurtenE defines carnival as ‘community event,’ not charity fundraiser

This weekend’s ThurtenE carnival featured seven facades, more than a dozen rides and a student breaking a world record for underwater Rubik’s cubing. It didn’t necessarily raise much money for charity.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter