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TV renewals: Will they or won’t they? Should they or should they not?

Network TV schedules usually seem really crowded at the end of the school year, with the full-season shows finishing up their runs while the mid-season replacements struggle to conclude their seasons by the end of May sweeps. As such, it’s time for a little clearing of the schedule to get rid of shows that shouldn’t exist anymore and make room for next season’s biggest hits. Here’s my take on 14 shows that premiered in the 2011-2012 season, excluding already-renewed shows like “New Girl,” “Smash” and “2 Broke Girls” and already-canceled shows like “Terra Nova.”

‘The River’

If you’ve watched any TV in the past month, there is a pretty good chance that you’ve seen commercials for “The River.” With its debut on Tuesday, it will join FOX’s “Alcatraz” as the two shows currently on air trying really hard to become the new “Lost.

| Cadenza Reporter