‘Party’ at the Polls: A look at the election from a student voter

Those who voted at Sumers Recreation Center on Tuesday would say the “Party at the Polls” was anything but. While a cappella groups performed and pizza was provided for voters, lines were long as students sat and worked on staircases, some for upwards of three hours.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Staff editorial: Both SU and students should work to improve election turnout

Ultimately, it is important that turnout is as high as possible in these elections so that the bodies are as representative of the students’ wants as possible. After all, everything SU does is funded by money that students have already paid.

The real work just started

Your duty does not end at the ballot, it begins there.

| Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: Our votes for midterm measures

If you’re voting here in Missouri this Tuesday, you’ll find several amendments and propositions on the ballot—including three measures relating to medical marijuana.

Op-ed: Voting: Your right, your duty

The right to vote forms the lynchpin of democratic government; without the vote we have no way to address the issues faced by our community, state and country. Because voter turnout rates for midterm elections are abysmally low, winning politicians often don’t represent the will of the majority.

Daria Locher, Elizabeth Phelan and Connor Warshauer | The Roosevelt Institute

University should facilitate student voting in elections

On Nov. 8, 2006, Student Life published a staff editorial (“University failed students in 2006 voting”) decrying the University’s failure to accommodate students who had voted on the South 40 during the 2004 presidential election and had since moved off campus.