Turnout down in SU Senate, Treasury, ArtSci elections

The election filled all open Senate seats, 10 of the 11 open Treasury seats and one ArtSci Council seat, leaving five spots open on the council.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

SU fills Senate, Treasury vacancies following multiple resignations

Student Union appointed members to fill 15 seats in its legislative branch, 14 of which were left vacant by resignations.

Curran Neenan | Contributing Reporter

Student Union passes largest general budget in school history

In dividing its largest pot of money in history, Student Union’s general budget proposal passed unanimously for the second consecutive year on Tuesday night.

| Editor-in-Chief

SU groups at risk of losing recognition

Groups up for deregistration failed to meet one of several different criteria. Failing to submit a budget for two consecutive semesters, not registering a president and treasurer or misusing SU funds were among the reasons the SU website listed for a group becoming eligible for deregistration.

| Staff Reporter

W.I.L.D. to go landfill-free after Treasury vote

Both fall and spring W.I.L.D.s, as well as the remaining 21 Happy Hours of the school year, will be fully compostable and zero-landfill after Student Union Treasury awarded $8,200 to Social Programming Board.

| Senior News Editor

WU should help support competition groups

This Tuesday, Student Union Treasury unveiled a proposal to revamp the process by which student competition groups appeal for funding. Under the proposal, groups would appeal to a Competition Committee in the spring that would then decide which, if any, requests it wanted to fund.

SU Treasury approves funding for Legend, Vergara and Chua

Student Union Treasury voted to allocate $105,569 to bring John Legend, Sofia Vergara and Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, to campus in a meeting flooded by about 100 students Tuesday night.

| Student Life Editors

SU to vote on funding Gore, others to speak

More than a dozen student groups will spend the next two weeks vying for Student Union funding to bring speakers to campus. SU Treasury has more than $300,000 that it can spend on bringing proposed speakers including Al Gore, Fareed Zakaria, John Legend and Garry Kasparov to campus.

| News Editor

Bristol Palin will not speak at Washington University; SHAC says decision mutual

The proposed speaker that had Washington University students in an uproar for nearly two days is no longer scheduled to appear on campus. Bristol Palin, 20, was expected to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Sexual Responsibility Week. But her $20,000 price tag led students to contest Student Union Treasury’s funding decision, arguing that she is unqualified to speak about the subject of abstinence on a college campus.

| Staff Reporter

SU Treasury votes down recognition for Mock Trial

Student Union Treasury voted Tuesday not to formally recognize Mock Trial as a student group, which was suggested for approval as a Category II student group by Student Group Activities Committee (SGAC).