A pathway to engagement with St. Louis

As students, it is imperative that we first put ourselves on trial before looking to correct the faults in any institution. Once we have exhausted our own abilities, we can then turn to pressuring administration for help.

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

Ferguson tragedy begs discussion of St. Louis’ ongoing tensions

Most Washington University students are proud to call St. Louis home for at least nine months out of the year—as such, it is important for us to fully grasp the tension in Ferguson and the tragic events occurring so close to our adopted home.

What to do with a summer in STL

As students, we have relatively few opportunities to explore the local area given the stress of Washington University courses. Sometimes, by the middle of the semester, I forget that life exists beyond Clayton and University City.

| Senior Scene Editor

Ballpark Village dress policies deserve (further) criticism

Major League Baseball is back in St. Louis for 2014, and Busch Stadium has new neighbors. Ballpark Village, a new district in downtown St. Louis for dining, drinking, shopping and partaking in St. Louis sports culture, represents the completed first step in developing land left over by the 2006 construction of Busch Stadium III.

| Charlie Beard | Class of 2015

Stepping Out: Central Table

[rating stars="3.5"] Featuring a sushi bar along with a varied menu of pizzas, pastas and other entrees, Central Table, located in the Central West End, offers something for everyone. This upscale restaurant with valet parking has a modern vibe and advertises an excellent dining experience. The latter claim, however, is quite debatable.

Tyler Friedman | Scene Editor

Beads, booze and boobs for noobs: The comprehensive guide to navigating Mardi Gras

With revised weather forecasts calling for temperatures in the mid-40s and almost zero chance of rain, you have no reason to miss this year’s Mardi Gras festivities. Sure, you may have midterms, but finals count for more of your grade anyway. And when you’re 30, do you really want your only memories of Wash. U. […]

and | Student Life editors

Your guide to Mardi Gras

While the term “Mardi Gras” conjures more images of drunken revelry than it does of history, the celebration in fact has an interesting story behind it. The quirky day, which includes outlandish activities and crazy costumes, is the perfect escape for those of you that haven’t escaped the confines of Olin Library in more than a week.

Scene Staff

30 signs that you’re a Wash. U. student

The fact that you’re no longer pre-med isn’t the only thing that’s changed about you since stepping foot on this campus. When you go home for break, you realize that no one can decode your language of acronyms and your friends from high school don’t understand your social life. While there’s no “typical” Wash. U. […]

Scene Staff

Can we talk about the Arch, and whatnot?

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve never been to the Arch. In my four years as a student here at Washington University, I have never actually seen the symbol of this wonderful city in person. I also don’t feel too bad about it. Why is the Arch so important? Seriously, it’s just an arch.

| Senior Forum Editor

St. Louis on the silver screen