‘A lack of access:’ A look at STD/STI rates in St. Louis

St. Louis has long been known as the sexually transmitted disease (STD) and infection (STI) capital of the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent STD Surveillance report, released in September 2017, St. Louis City ranks highest in the nation for the chlamydia infection, which appeared in about one in every 72 St. Louis City residents, and gonorrhea, which had a rate of one in every 133 residents.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

Local news roundup Oct. 20

Missed out on local news over fall break? Catch up with our weekly roundup.

Katie Bry | Contributing Reporter

What to do if you’re staying in St. Louis over fall break

Fall break is approaching at a less-than-breakneck pace. The weather is slowly creeping towards cold, and every professor is saying, “I’m assigning the [INCREDIBLY SCARY PROJECT] to be due the 17th because you should have plenty of time to complete it.” Thanks guys.

| Senior Scene Editor

St. Louis BookFest: Accessible and Insightful

I can safely say I wasn’t expecting the St. Louis BookFest. I first heard of the festival on Thursday evening, less than forty-eight hours before the event itself. The website provided a helpful list of featured authors, none of whom I had heard of. I had never even been to the Central West End before.

Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writer

Upcoming concerts in St. Louis

Check out all the bands coming to St. Louis this month!

Dear Washington University students

It’s long past time for you to be in the streets. Every single last one of you.

Student Life endorses Antonio French for mayor of St. Louis

The future of St. Louis, and of our University community, depends on our city’s commitment to breaking down the racial and economic boundaries that have so fractured it. The editorial board sees only one mayoral candidate both devoted to this cause and armed with the attitude to accomplish it: Antonio French.

Visiting St. Louis-area polling locations: Thoughts and reflections

This past Tuesday, two of our Forum writers had the privilege of being able to go to multiple voting precincts in St. Louis for a political science course project of voter data. Here are their experiences at the polls.

Ben Goodfriend and Alexa Miller | Contributing Writers

The National Blues Museum brings living history to the blues

Recently opened, the National Blues Museum takes one Cadenza writer through a historical trip of improvisation and city-wide culture.

| Senior Editor

The presidential candidate’s guide to pandering to St. Louis millennials

The Missouri presidential primary is next Tuesday, March 15, which means that most Washington University students will have left St. Louis for warmer climates. But for those who will be in St. Louis, the candidates will have plenty of pandering to do to capture the millennial vote.