St. Louis International Film Festival opens today, runs through Nov. 11

The 27th annual St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) opens today, Nov. 1, and runs through Nov. 11. The festival shows film exclusives from around the world at venues around the St. Louis area, including Washington University and the Tivoli Theatre.

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Waking the sleeping giant: the people behind the candidate

“Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution,” which premiered at the St. Louis International Film Fest Nov. 11, explores the 2016 election through a structure that elevates the voice of underrepresented Americans—the not-so-silent majority whose anger and passion both fueled and doomed Bernie Sanders’ grassroots campaign.

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St. Louis Film Festival celebrates independent, international cinema

The 25th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival wrapped up its 10-day celebration of cinema on Sunday. It was a unique opportunity for students and community members alike experience unusual films and to learn about filmmaking beyond a typical America-centric lens.

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Previewing the St. Louis International Film Festival

This Thursday, over 20,000 filmmakers, cinephiles and everyday moviegoers will descend on St. Louis for the Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival.

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Wash. U. filmmaker brings attention to STL radioactive waste

“If this fails, I’ve failed all these people.” Alison Carrick, Washington University special collections assistant and independent filmmaker, is discussing her most recent work, “The First Secret City,” which she co-directed with investigative journalist C.D. Stelzer.

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“Shuffle” is a feature by filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, who has been best-known for his documentary “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.” That was one of the best movies of 2008—an unflinchingly honest, sometimes brutal documentary about Kuenne’s murdered close friend, Andrew Bagby.

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The 19th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival

The 19th Annual Stella Artois St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) has officially begun, and as usual, it is packed with must-see feature films, documentaries and shorts – over 300 of them to be exact. With Oscar contenders and foreign films galore, SLIFF, which runs from November 11 to 21, is something you don’t want to miss.

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St. Louis International Film Festival: Profile of Jason Reitman

Interviewing an Academy Award-nominated director could be daunting, but when the director is Jason Reitman, it’s anything but. At the age of 32, Reitman has already written and directed three feature films and several shorts, and has garnered the respect of the film industry.

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Other happenings | Nov. 16, 2009

Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival Nov. 12-22 at various theaters across the city, including the Tivoli, the Hi-Pointe and the St. Louis Art Museum. The 18th annual festival features movies from all over the globe and of all levels of notoriety; films range from up-and-coming relative no-names to ones starring Robert Di Niro and […]

18th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival

It’s not often that St. Louis gets to be called an “international hub,” but every year, our venerable city dons the title for a week and a half in mid-November. That’s right, the 18th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) is upon us!

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