‘The Eric Andre Show,’ ‘Broad City’ star to headline fall comedy show

Hannibal Buress, known for his work as both an actor and writer on “The Eric Andre Show,” and his role as Lincoln Rice in “Broad City,” will headline Social Programming Board’s annual fall comedy show on Oct. 18 in Graham Chapel.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Fall comedy show welcome change among lacking fall programming

Just as people were starting to ask whether Social Programming Board even remembered to book a fall comedy artist, the group announced that Hannibal Buress—absurdist comedian, provocateur and propagator of the Bill Cosby rape allegations—would be taking the Graham Chapel stage Oct. 18.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Op-ed submission: Statement from black leadership on WILD

For these reasons, the Sept. 14 announcement that Lil Dicky, the San Francisco-based white rapper, would be headlining fall WILD was deeply disappointing and troubling. Blatantly put, Lil Dicky is problematic under the guise of a satirical millennial rapper.

Black leaders and SU Senators

Activists release letter condemning SPB, student body for Lil Dicky selection

A group of 16 students, many of them leaders in minority advocacy groups on campus, released an open letter Thursday condemning Social Programming Board, and the Washington University student body more generally, for the selection of white rapper Lil Dicky to headline this semester’s WILD.

| Senior News Editor

Social Programming Board: Allocate effectively or face extinction

If my voice is completely ignored by SPB, why should I have to pay the bill?

Mathew Wallace | Staff Writer

Alternative WILD to be held due to criticisms of Lil Dicky

In response to the divisive politics of this year’s WILD headliner, rapper Lil Dicky, an “Alternative WILD” will take place after a walk-out following the opening performance of hip-hop artist Lizzo.

Emma Baker | Contributing Reporter

SPB responds to WILD backlash, outlines plans to reform processes

The Social Programming Board executive board responded to backlash over the fall WILD lineup, apologizing for the complains brought against the WILD selection process and outlining steps to improve the procedure in a statement released Thursday, Sept. 27.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter

Letter to the Editor: Student Life’s calculated outrage

It was only when there was outrage on social media that Student Life published its bombastic editorial, more than one week after it first learned of the pick.

Sam Klein | Class of 2018

4 tangible suggestions on how SPB can fix WILD

here are four suggestions to fix WILD, or, you know, at least make it a little bit less of a perpetual controversy.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

SPB’s new exec members are just ‘so excited’ to take over

In the wake of major controversy over fall’s WILD headliner, Lil Dicky, the Social Programming Board has dealt with a number of external conflicts. Next month, three new executive members are ready to pick up the gauntlet.

| Staff Writer