Nothing in life is free: The daily considerations of a Sam Fox student

Many current Sam Fox students are struggling to keep themselves financially afloat as one project for a single class can cost hundreds of dollars to create.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

Opinion: How to save money: Because not all of us are from the top 20th percentile

Students coming from a different socioeconomic background tend to find themselves in a community where saving money isn’t everyone else’s top priority.

| Senior Scene Editor

Opinion: How to talk about SES on campus: A guide for students

If someone is raised with money, it can be hard for to see the viewpoint of those who were not so privileged. This may lead to small, mindless comments that make others feel out of place, awkward or even ashamed.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Op-ed submission: A campus for students, regardless of class

The New York Times article highlighted a fact many students know, but few have openly acknowledged: Washington University is diverse in many ways, but socioeconomic diversity isn’t one of them.

Kenneth Sng | SU President