Staff editorial: Need-blind admissions a necessity, not an ‘ideal’

Becoming a need-blind institution that meets full need could attract more socioeconomic diversity to Washington University, the real “ideal” Wrighton should be looking toward.

Wash. U. doesn’t care about minority students

Minority students are nothing more than social capital to the University, and once they can count you in their statistics, you are on your own.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Staff ed: Small choices can bolster socioeconomic diversity

Wash. U. Student Union’s changes to Bear Bucks may be a small change, but every little bit helps.

Staff editorial: Wash. U.’s small step toward economic equity

Wash. U. waiving it’s $75 application fee is one more step towards fairly treating low-income applicants.

Wash. U. to waive application fees for low-income families

Washington University will waive the $75 application fee for undergraduate applicants whose family income is under $75,000 and will allow all applicants to self-report their standardized test scores in accordance with policies implemented by the University this fall.

| Senior News Editor

WU/FUSED broadens efforts for socioeconomic diversity on campus

WU/FUSED, Washington University’s chapter of national coalition U/FUSED, is taking new strides toward socioeconomic diversity within the undergraduate population following the increase of Pell-eligible students at the University.

| Staff Reporter

Breaking barriers: Establishing the Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund is a student-led initiative that aims to reduce the financial barriers faced by undergraduates of lower socioeconomic backgrounds, provide a source of reliable funding for extracurricular activities and thereby empower students with the opportunity to attain an equitable and fulfilling college experience.

Opportunity Fund Task Force

University tops socioeconomic disparity rankings in new report

Washington University found itself in a familiar situation Wednesday; atop a new ranking measuring the least socioeconomic diverse colleges across the country.

| Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed submission: A campus for students, regardless of class

The New York Times article highlighted a fact many students know, but few have openly acknowledged: Washington University is diverse in many ways, but socioeconomic diversity isn’t one of them.

Kenneth Sng | SU President

Op-ed submission: Pushing beyond Pell-eligible

For years, the members of WU/FUSED have been asking the administration a single question: Will you provide us with a breakdown of the income distribution in the student body? Each time that we have asked, their response has been the same: No.

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity