You belong here

For minority communities, the moment you walk onto the grounds of a Predominately White Institution, you are immediately struck with the realization that this school wasn’t built for you.

Mattew Wallace | Staff Writer

Bringing to life the importance of consideration

What can a torn, crumpled up red star teach you about race relations in America?

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

Representation Project panel explores gender inequality

Students and faculty gathered to discuss how women in the workforce are often treated with less respect and given lower expectations than their males counterparts, as well as how the future generation can help solve the issue.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: We all deserve better

For far too long, we’ve lived in a culture and system of asymmetrical power and violence, one in which men consistently commit violence against other beings. As Washington University students, we’ve learned a lot about bystander intervention and about how to protect and look after our fellow community-members.

Ingrid Archibald | Class of 2018

A casual conversation with Bob Hansman

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: Bob Hansman agreed to have dinner with me to talk about inequality both on- and off-campus—about how to use our power as students to challenge assumptions and tackle poverty, both in discussion and in practice.

| Senior Scene Editor

Fight for $15 continues

Although many students have been away from St. Louis for the summer, city officials have continued to advocate both for and against an increase in local minimum wage.
Throughout the spring, students, adjunct faculty members and other members of the St. Louis community held rallies and other events on campus to support the Fight for $15 movement, which calls for a $15 minimum wage. At an event on April 7, Washington University senior and social activist Danielle Blocker spoke of the importance of the Fight for $15.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter

SJC talks Islamophobia, ‘Je suis Charlie’ campaign

As part of the Social Justice Center’s monthly Java & Justice event, Thursday’s discussion focused on Islamophobia, freedom of speech and problematic media portrayals in recent weeks.

| News Editor

Students negotiate with administration on racial inequality

The demands identified three areas of focus for the administration to modify: improving the experience of people of color on campus, developing a culturally conscientious campus population and repairing the University’s relationship with the St. Louis community. While students and the administration did not come to any official agreement from the conversation, both sides were optimistic about future discussions.

| Associate Editor

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor talks black masculinity, social change with local community leaders

Actor Jesse Williams, best known for his role on “Grey’s Anatomy,” hosted a round table on black masculinity and social change featuring area leaders and activists on Saturday.

The event was sponsored by Question Bridge, a project that focuses on promoting dialogue between black males of diverse backgrounds through film, social media and panel discussions.

June Jennings | Contributing Reporter

Racism in Ferguson should matter to Washington University community

We ask the University community to recognize that Michael Brown’s death was not an isolated incident, but the result of a broken system.

Diversity Affairs Council