‘Masters of Sex': Not your typical nudity-laden fare

By now, every student on Washington University’s campus should have heard of the Showtime series “Masters of Sex,” chronicling the lives and work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two revolutionary sex researchers (and lovers) working out of Wash. U.’s very own medical school. The show sounds like a Wash. U.

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‘Masters of Sex’ spotlights Wash. U. researchers who made science sexy

Washington University often garners media attention for its cutting-edge scientific research. I guess you could say that Showtime’s newest drama series, “Masters of Sex,” is part of that trend.

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The Emmy-nominated “Dexter” returns Sunday night for its sixth season, once again dripping with blood and irony as winsome, charismatic, how-are-you-so-perfect Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) both solves and commits murders in Miami.

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Getting You Up To Speed: ‘Nurse Jackie’

Showtime’s dark comedy “Nurse Jackie” returns tonight, bringing with it laughs, tension and a handful of pills. Edie Falco stars as nurse Jackie Peyton, an emergency room nurse who doesn’t always follow what she recommends. She pops pills, has an affair and nurses her own way. Jackie doesn’t like to follow the rules of nursing, but she doesn’t care, and neither do we.

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Whatever happened to Weeds

Do you remember the last episode of “Weeds?” It aired Nov. 19, 2007, on Showtime.

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‘Dexter’: Killer Instincts

Imagine that your friendly next-door neighbor is a nice, quiet man who works in the police department, has a wife and kids…and also happens to be a serial killer? Although it’s frightening to believe such things are possible, this is the premise of the extremely popular Showtime series “Dexter.”

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