To the survivor in the spin room: We stand with you

The video, shared on Twitter by Kansas City journalist Christa Dubill, has been retweeted almost 13,000 times. It is one minute and 52 seconds long.

[Re-]Think[ing] About It

his summer, I checked my new Washington University email incessantly, making sure that I was fully prepared for my first semester of freshman year. On Aug. 2, I opened my inbox to an email regarding “Think About It,” a three-module mandatory course dedicated to informing students about healthy relationships, alcohol abuse and sexual violence.

Alexa Rodriguez Pagano | Freshman Press Writer

SU Senate approves revised definition of sexual assault in WU judicial code

Student Union voted to approve a revised definition of sexual assault in Washington University’s judicial code at its weekly session on Tuesday.

| News Editor

Seven reasons why you should go see Jackson Katz this week

With a viral TED talk, multiple books and the creation of a bystander prevention program under his belt, Jackson Katz has dedicated his life to educating others on the dangers of gender violence and how to prevent it.

While it may be that point in the semester when midterms are piling up, essay deadlines are approaching and problem sets seem like they will never end, don’t allow those worries to make you miss hearing Katz speak at Graham Chapel on Thursday.

| Staff Writer

WPA and IFC oppose the Safe, Fair Campus Acts

Washington University in St. Louis Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) and Interfraternity Council (IFC) commend National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) for withdrawing their support for United States House Bill, H.R. 3403—Safe Campus Act of 2015.

Ally Brabant and Julian Clarke | WPA, IFC Presidents

LIVE Greek speaks out against the Safe Campus Act

We have been hearing a lot of buzz around the Safe Campus Act recently. So what is problematic about this bill and why should Greek life especially care?

LIVE Greek | Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education Greek

How WU fraternities and sororities are supporting rape culture

Last June, Republican representatives Matt Salmon of Arizona and Pete Sessions and Kay Granger of Texas submitted a bill into the United States House of Representatives that has been deemed the Safe Campus Act. This bill, if passed, would prevent college campuses nationwide from investigating sexual assault cases unless the police are also involved in the investigation.

Cameron Kinker | Class of 2016

Students draft petition in response to data on campus sexual assault

Students presented a petition with nearly 1,000 signatures calling for the expansion of sexual assault prevention and support resources on campus to administrators as part of a continuing response to the campus’ sexual assault survey data released last month.

| Senior Editor

‘It’s On Us’ promises big step, should focus on incoming students next

SU’s bystander intervention training initiative and the response to it so far show that students care about the issue of sexual assault and want to work to make a difference and genuine, lasting change. As much as the administration may support bystander intervention training through its various programs, initiatives and offices, training will not be successful if there isn’t engagement from students themselves.

Melanie Martinez provokes discussion with ‘Cry Baby’

You could tell Melanie Martinez was touring to support her first album as she paced back and forth on the Off Broadway stage this past Saturday. For starters, she was trotting along in front of huge, illuminated alphabet blocks that spelled out the name of the album, “Cry Baby,” but what is perhaps more revealing was the young artist’s seeming unease.

Jessie Colston | Contributing Writer