Results of survey reveal sexual history of student body

The results for Student Life’s 2016 Sex Survey revealed that while over 30 percent of Washington University students are virgins, 39 percent would have sex with presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

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Student groups strip down

Like in past years, the 2015 Sex Issue saw student groups bare their bodies. From academic clubs to fraternities and a cappella groups to student business workers, Wash. U. students used strategically placed props both to showcase their club spirit and cover up their delicate bits.

A history of sex: The official quiz

It might be hard to believe, but every human in history is the result of sex. But how much has the dirty deed really changed since the dawn of mankind? Take our quiz to find out.

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Five simple exercises to improve your sex life

So, you already broke your New Years Resolution and haven’t been to the gym since January. The strenuous Washington University workload has stripped you of your motivation for anything other than schoolwork, so you’re looking for that extra incentive to hit the gym. Luckily for you, we have provided five exercises that will help you perform better between the sheets and make it a superior experience for you and your partner.

Aaron Brezel | Sports Editor

Sex ed: SHS initiatives fill gaps from high school

With students coming from a vast array of places, background levels and thoroughness of sex education inevitably vary. Though Washington University does not take an official “sex-positive” stance on sexual education, it provides programming and supplies through Student Health Services to increase sexual safety on campus.

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How to “walk of shame” like an expert

I have recently been surprised by the number of people I have heard discussing their sneaky morning escapes from the beds of folks they barely know. Whatever the cause, it seems the proper form begs explanation and further explication.

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Movie review: ‘Nymphomaniac: Vol. I’

Lars von Trier is a world-class provocateur, perhaps the boldest, most shameless in cinema today. He toes the line between art house hero and outright troll with anything but delicacy, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

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What does your sexuality say about you?

1) Where do most of your hookups happen? a. In front of my laptop b. Zeta Beta Tau laundry room c. After marriage d. Against the bunny statue 2) What do you want in a sexual partner? a. At least five fingers b. A pulse, but it’s not a deal breaker c. A sweet personality d. Me 3) How would you describe yourself? a. Asymmetrically muscular b. Eh c.

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‘Wash U Admirers’: Suggestions for the lovelorn of Facebook

My name is Eliana Goldstein, and I’m an “Admirers”-aholic. That’s right, I’m straight addicted to “Wash U Admirers.” And anyone who isn’t probably should be because that page is hysterical. But let’s be real, y’all—it can get a little monotonous, what with all the “hot damn” and “have my babies” and “to the girl with the chestnut/blonde/black/auburn hair…

Eliana Goldstein

‘Masters of Sex’ spotlights Wash. U. researchers who made science sexy

Washington University often garners media attention for its cutting-edge scientific research. I guess you could say that Showtime’s newest drama series, “Masters of Sex,” is part of that trend.

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