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Another year, another sex issue: Why we keep doing it

And then, there’s the running joke that is consistently told to members of Student Life’s staff: that our peers only read one issue per year, and it’s the Sex Issue. So we do it for you guys—our semi-loyal readership.

Sex at Patricia’s

My roommate and I are at Patricia’s, an adult store at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Gravois Avenue. Patricia’s is a chain that has locations around the Midwest, but this one is especially popular with St. Louis area college students. Even Washington University kids break out of the bubble for this place.

| Senior Scene Editor

Class is in session: Best campus buildings to have sex in

Just because it’s a Tuesday doesn’t mean you can’t do something special while staying right on campus. Try having sex with your partner in a campus building!

Finding the perfect on-campus date spot

Every year, the editorial board of Student Life takes to a staff list to dole out sexual wisdom to the student body of Washington University. This year, keeping with tradition, we would like to help our romantically taken, but still chronically lazy peers who are looking to spice things up.

Survey shows sexual health appointments not a top priority

Only 38 percent of the 1,426 undergraduates who took the Student Life Sex Survey have ever visited a medical professional for sexual health reasons.

| Senior News Editor

Results of survey reveal sexual history of student body

The results for Student Life’s 2016 Sex Survey revealed that while over 30 percent of Washington University students are virgins, 39 percent would have sex with presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

| Staff Reporter

Vagina Monologues refocuses on transgender inclusivity through beneficiary choice

The Vagina Monologues will feature an increased focus on trans-inclusivity thanks to the St. Louis Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG), the beneficiary of this year’s production.

| News Editor

Celebrity sports crushes

When you dedicate yourself to the craft of a sport, you tend to immerse yourself in the entire world of athletics. That can lead to some intense fandoms and athletic crushes. Student Life asked some of Wash. U.’s most prominent athletes about the professional athletes that make their hearts beat faster.

| Staff Writer

The top 10 silliest sports sex scandals in history

We could debate the merits of exposing athletes’ intimate lives ad infinitum, but that’s simply not as fun as delving into these sordid affairs in honor of impending Valentine’s Day. Here are the 10 most hilarious, wacky, what-would-their-mothers-think sexcapades from the sexy world of sports.

| Senior Sports Editor

Best places to ‘get dome’ in the Dome

Now that the Edward Jones Dome is down, it’s up to us to come up with alternative uses for this lonely building. If you manage to sneak past security with your main squeeze, here are the best places get down and dirty on the artificial turf.

Sports Staff