U. City looks to WU for help with Loop security

As University City plans potential security upgrades for the Delmar Loop, the city is reaching out to neighboring governments and institutions for help, including Washington University. A proposal fronted by University City Police Chief Charles Adams calls for closed-circuit television cameras on Delmar Boulevard in the Loop area and increased police patrols in the vicinity. […]

| News Editor

India’s security problem

Much has been said about the horrors India saw late last week in Mumbai, where a series of coordinated terrorist attacks and hostage takings killed at least 188 and wounded nearly 300 others. Not enough of this discussion has been about the electoral implications. Indians will, in just a few short months, decide once more […]

| Staff Columnist

You snooze, you lose

While Paula Lauris offers some good advice about how and where to nap during the day (“Catch Some ZZZ’s”, Oct. 6), she neglects to tell her readers that they should, before falling asleep, take the elementary precaution of securing their belongings.

Campus locked down for debate

Though Washington University administrators have experience in planning security measures for past presidential debates, securing the campus for tonight’s vice presidential debate tonight was no easy task.

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