Molly Magnell’s artwork combines illustration, design

Magnell’s artwork will be on display in the Danforth University Center later this month.

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Students respond to closing of Etta’s Cafe

Etta’s Cafe, frequented mostly by students and faculty in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, will close after the 2016-17 academic year, the Sam Fox School Associate Dean for Finance Bobbe Winters told students and faculty in an email Friday.

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Keep Etta’s Cafe open or provide more options

Several days ago, Washington University announced it would close Etta’s Cafe in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts in order “to focus on education and the quality of the programs we offer students.” Last time we checked, you can’t eat an education.

Student-led ‘Vote, dammit.’ outreach campaign worked to increase student voter registration, turnout

Students in the Sam Fox School of Art & Design’s Communication Design: Voice decided to demonstrate and test their abilities to make an impact as designers through a campaign encouraging Washington University students to vote.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

The debate gets creative: Political art installations set to go up on campus

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts students have been working in conjunction with Art Council to set up a series of political art installations around campus in the lead up to Sunday’s debate.

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Architecture school to ban carcinogenic material by fall 2016

Cancer-causing styrene is used in models made by architecture students at Washington University.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

More work equals less credit for art students

No matter what school you’re in at Washington University, chances are your program requires a significant amount of effort and the utmost level of dedication in order to do well. Even though people joke on Yik Yak about one school or another, at the end of the day, we’re all on the struggle bus.

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Sam Fox students recount the economic struggles of art-making

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: The average median income for visual and performing arts majors is $42,000 a year. But the economic costs start long before a Sam Fox student graduates.

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The Loss of Laskey Landscape

Imagine walking into the Danforth University Center during your first week back on the Washington University campus, only to find that all of the seating—tables, chairs, couches and kiosks—have mysteriously disappeared. That’s exactly how most art and architecture students of the Sam Fox School are feeling this week.

Danielle Leventhal | Contributing Reporter

New Sam Fox building begins process of selecting architect

Plans for the largest single University construction project to date are officially under way, with the entire process scheduled to finish within four years, Dean Bruce Lindsey announced in a discussion about the new Sam Fox architecture building on Monday.

Deborah Spencer | Contributing Reporter