Several individuals robbed, carjacked in University City area in recent weeks

Two security memos were sent out to Washington University students living in the University City area regarding a robbery and a carjacking, which occurred on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

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Focus on safety around The Lofts, stop trivializing student concerns

As the weight of the Office of Residential Life’s recent housing decisions begins to sink in for students, many are confronted with an unfamiliar path: life at The Lofts. A week after the results were made known, an alert went out to students who currently live in The Lofts warning of a carjacking incident that had taken place.

Why I’m ‘uncomfortable’ with the NSA Surveillance Program

On August 21, U.S. intelligence officials released a heavily redacted 2011 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion from its then-Chief Judge John Bates.

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Wash. U. campus safety app nears beta launch but misses move-in deadline

While its campus-wide release may come several weeks later than anticipated, Washington University officials are confident that a new campus safety app will keep students and staff better informed and prepared for emergencies. The Washington University Police Department hoped the app would be available for students at the beginning of the semester.

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Step forward with W.I.L.D. safety

It’s that time of semester again. Time to put aside studies, time to relax and time to take some time for ourselves. It’s time to get hopelessly, numbingly, and most importantly, responsibly, smashed (if you’re over 21, obviously). Yes, it is time for yet another W.I.L.D. Everyone has either heard or experienced first-hand W.I.L.D.

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We need security for all students

Last month’s increase in crime in neighborhoods where a significant number of Washington University students live has attracted plenty of attention. In response, off-campus neighborhood patrols have been visibly increased, to the relief of students and parents alike.

More blue lights placed on Melville

Four new blue emergency lights have been installed along Melville Avenue. Previously, there was one light between the Overpass and Delmar Boulevard. That light was replaced, and three more were installed between Kingsbury and Delmar. The new lights are encased in a sturdier material than the old one. They are also brighter and easier to spot from a distance.

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States investigate easing campus gun control regulations

Legislators in several states are considering are considering legislation that would allow students to carry licensed firearms on campus. Officials in Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Michigan, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida, Nebraska and Mississippi have proposed the loosening of gun control on college campuses.

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Students respond to Skinker, Forest Park construction

Across Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway, orange cones and construction tape can be found all over the sidewalks, obstructing the way for joggers, bikers and pedestrians alike. Much of the response about the construction has been negative, as the construction not only poses an inconvenience for pedestrians, but it is also dangerous when they have to walk along the car lanes.

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Methodology flawed in safety rankings

The methodology with which The Daily Beast approached its rankings of the most dangerous colleges is inherently flawed, and thus we feel that our position in these rankings is invalid, and not an accurate representation of campus safety or of the opinions of our student body.