Op-ed: Our Uber nightmare

No one should ever feel afraid and threatened to the extent that they have to run away from their Uber and hide in an empty Ikea, wondering if help will arrive.

Elana Greenberg and Zoe Engels | Class of 2020 and 2021

Staff editorial: WU doesn’t just have a crime problem, it has a communication problem

Not only should the University alert the student body when these crimes occur, many would appreciate continual updates afterward.

Op-ed: Rejecting policing and dismantling the Washington University ‘bubble’

There exists a multifaceted explanation as to why there is an uptick of violence surrounding Washington University, but many of its factors have been ever-present and are continually reinforced by the University.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Op-ed: Is the Wash. U. bubble getting safer or smaller?

Washington University is a bubble. Students hardly get off campus, except for the Delmar Loop, and frequently their only knowledge of the St. Louis area consists of “don’t go north of Delmar Boulevard,” “the Metro is unsafe,” “don’t cross the river” or “stay in the county.”

Sarah Dyott | Class of 2019

Letter to the Editor

It is easy to call upon the University to make things safer because they have the money, resources and concerned parents to make things happen. However, I challenge my peers to think outside of the Wash. U. bubble.

Madeline Alburtus | Class of 2021

Op-ed: Warn us next time

While I understand that Wash. U. has no jurisdiction in these areas and that local police departments are responsible for them, I believe that WUPD still fell short in its responsibility to ensure the safety of students who live off campus.

Geordan Neinstein | Class of 2020

Staff Editorial: Overpass construction is an inconvenience to all

As classes begin, students approaching Danforth Campus from the north will be faced with an unpleasant surprise as they encounter the now-closed Overpass for the first time.

How to prepare for the presidential debate apocalypse

If that’s how wild St. Louis got for a measly couple of hours hosting Biden and Trump, just imagine what the security is going to be like around campus during the presidential debate on Oct. 9.

Newly appointed WU Police Chief Mark Glenn says debate security is primary concern

Mark Glenn will serve as the Washington University Police Department’s new Chief of Police, the University announced Friday. Although Glenn has long-term goals focusing on community involvement and advocacy, his first major task will be to prepare campus for the frenzy of protests and political activity that many anticipate to arrive with the upcoming presidential debate Washington University will host this October.

| Senior News Editor

Several individuals robbed, carjacked in University City area in recent weeks

Two security memos were sent out to Washington University students living in the University City area regarding a robbery and a carjacking, which occurred on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

| Senior News Editor