Danforth Dialogues leads to discussion of politics, religion

Two panel discussions—one on religion and the common good and the other on religion and national politics—were held at Graham Chapel this Saturday to accompany Sunday’s presidential debate.

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Campus-wide unity event takes on religious tone

In the wake of the various tragedies which occurred over the summer, Washington University students, administrators and faith leaders led the community in song and speech in the hopes of reaffirming their core values of respect and diversity.

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Op-ed submission: After the shooting, a question worth asking

Mark Zaegel, campus minister, comments on the gun violence that occurred on Forsyth Boulevard earlier this year.

Mark Zaegel | Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center

Former senators discuss partisanship and religion

Former U.S. Sens. John C. Danforth and Joe Lieberman, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate in the 2000 election, discussed partisanship and other flaws they see in the political system on Tuesday.

Deborah Spencer | Contributing Reporter

2014 Veritas Forum focuses on interplay between religion, wealth

Being a true Christian and achieving financial and professional success don’t have to be mutually exclusive, attorney and social entrepreneur Kyle Westaway said at this year’s Veritas Forum on Thursday evening.

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Talk about the Passion: ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ 10 years later

To say it was controversial would be an understatement. Anti-Semitism, excessive violence, scriptural deviation—the charges leveled against it were numerous and fierce, with many coming months before the film’s release. It certainly didn’t help that Mel Gibson—no Boy Scout himself—was the film’s primary creative force. (He both directed and co-wrote it.

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Beyond the horse and buggy: Lock and Chain panel highlights need for inter-faith conversation

The sophomore honorary Lock and Chain kicked off George Washington Week with a panel on diversity of divinity. As is the tradition of George Washington Week, the honorary is hosting a weeklong series of events intended to bring together the Washington University community.

Dylan Bassett | Staff Reporter

Pope Francis and the New Age of the Catholic Church

Six months following his election by the papal conclave, Pope Francis has been proclaimed the pope who will usher the Catholic Church into a new era. A majority of media outlets claim his changes to the church are progressive liberalizations on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Jacquie Boyle | Contributing Writer

Critics of Arizona Bible law miss the point

The Arizona State Senate recently approved a bill that would allow public schools to offer an elective class teaching the Bible’s role in Western culture and its influence as a literary work. Critics have been quick to pounce on the bill, claiming that enacting it would equate to forcing religious indoctrination upon public school students.

Students flock to speech on relationship between Christianity and homosexuality

“Homosexuality is not a biblical term,” guest lecturer Mark D. Jordan, professor of divinity at Harvard Divinity School, said to a packed audience on Tuesday.

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