Registration 101: Our class recommendations

Staff picks for your Spring 2018 schedule. History of Jazz, anyone?

What we’re thankful for at Wash. U.

With the holiday season fast approaching, and Thanksgiving just days away, the Student Life editorial board wanted to take a pause from this hectic, challenging and frustrating semester to offer thanks to our favorite things about Washington University.

Registration nightmare for freshmen, better than alternatives

While final papers are soon due and exams are just around the corner, Washington University students are first faced with another stressful (and perhaps more daunting) task: course registration for fall 2016.

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Stop worrying about the wait-list, take these classes instead

Registration season is here again, meaning many students will be rushing to their computers every morning to check the wait-list for that one class everybody wants to take. Student Life would like to offer an alternative to all that hoping and waiting: a list of classes you can wedge into your schedule that we think will give you some great experiences.

Service-learning classes offer education through community engagement

Student Life encourages its readers to seriously consider community-based teaching and learning (CBTL) classes when preparing for registration next week and in future semesters. We also urge administrators to continue promoting and improving these service-learning courses.

A guide to registering to vote in Missouri

Student Life has put together a guide on how to register to vote in Missouri so you’re ready to have your say by the time the primaries roll around.

Advanced add/drop deadline puts professor interests above students

As students stream back to campus this year, they have been confronted with quite a few changes. Instead of making “Choices,” the freshmen now find their “Bearings.” Instead of living in Ruby, South 40 residents can now wax nostalgic about its heyday.

Class shopping period needs a shift

Regardless of how you approach course registration and the initial shopping period at the beginning of a semester, the system here needs tinkering.

Course recommendations for Fall 2014

Whether you’re looking for another class to fill a distribution requirement or are just scrambling to replace a class already filled up by upperclassmen, we at Student Life have some suggestions for course registration.

Top creative outlet classes here at Washington University

Tired of writing analytical essays and doing chemistry labs? Clear off room in your schedule for a more creative class, like Fiction Writing or Drawing I. Even pre-med students can paint a beautiful picture and even engineers can dance a breathtaking ballet—it can be a way to relieve stress while still getting academic credit. Cadenza staff members picked their favorite classes to let those creative juices flow.