GiftAMeal wins regional semifinal, keeps chance to win $250,000 alive

GiftAMeal, a Washington University student-run start-up company and app formerly known as FoodShare, won the St. Louis RECESS regional semifinal at the Pageant Theatre on Tuesday, and will advance to the national championship in Los Angeles on June 9 where they will have the chance to win $250,000.

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FoodShare wins RECESS tour campus qualifier, advances to national semifinals

FoodShare, a start-up company and app, will move on to the semifinals of the RECESS competition, having won the Washington University campus qualifier last Thursday.

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FoodShare wins RECESS qualifier, advances to semifinals

FoodShare, a start-up company and app that allows users to donate a meal to those in need by taking a photo of their food at any of the company’s partnered restaurants, won the Washington University qualifying round of the RECESS entrepreneurial presentation tour held today.

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RECESS business competition coming April 7

RECESS, an entrepreneurial presentation tour which will culminate in an idea and music festival in Los Angeles, will host a qualifying round at Washington University on April 7.

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Idea pitch competition and music festival RECESS coming April 7

Social Programming Board and the Olin Business Council are partnering with RECESS, a traveling music and ideas festival, to give students the chance to pitch start-up plans for a chance to win a cash prize, as well as a trip to Los Angeles that includes the opportunity to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and investors.

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Shows that should be on DVD

For every subpar show on television, there is at least one deserving, canceled show lingering in TV purgatory. Here’s a list of just a few of the shows that need to be put on DVD immediately:

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