Tomato ban improves lives

Another issue of Student Life and another expression of overheated outrage at the recent decisions made by Bon Appétit to conduct business in an ethical manner. Invariably, these arguments are all alike, little more than childish temper tantrums veiled in the high rhetoric of right and privileges.

Dylan Suher | Op-Ed Submission

Randy Brachman gone W.I.L.D.

After reading Randy Brachman’s inflammatory column two Wednesdays ago I felt the need to respond.

| Staff Columnist

In response to ‘Wash. U. gone W.I.L.D.’

After leaving what I thought was a spectacular concert two Saturday nights ago, I couldn’t help but brag to my friends at other schools about not only W.I.L.D. in general, but especially our latest concert.

| Op-Ed Submission

Is it too late for Wash. U. students to disappoint?

Why was everyone so riled up about Randy’s column?

| Forum Editor