Title Mine releases demands for change

Students plan to demand changes to the Title IX process in the Title Mine rally April 26 at 4 p.m. in Edison Courtyard.

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Staff editorial: Go to the Title Mine rally

Today is the Title Mine rally. If you’re on the Facebook event page, you probably know that the event will take place in the Edison Courtyard outside of the Danforth University Center from 4-4:30 p.m.

Students move to demand WU Title IX changes

Washington University students will host a rally to express discontent with current Title IX reporting processes and University responses to sexual assault and harassment on campus. The rally will take place April 26 at 4 p.m.

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Op-ed: Graduate workers and students put administration on notice

This past Saturday, we, the Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU), took action with Fossil Free WashU at ThurtenE Carnival to demand that Washington University stop its exploitation of graduate workers, St. Louis and the planet.

Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union

Fossil Free WashU rallies for divestment

Members of Fossil Free WashU rallied to protest against Washington University’s decision to not divest from fossil fuel companies, asking the administration to reconsider their policy March 30.

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Students, St. Louisans gather on campus for demonstrations following election results

Hundreds of Washington University undergraduate and graduate students joined St. Louis community members to express love and support for one another following the presidential election in front of the Danforth University Center this past Friday.

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Students, faculty plan counter protest in response to Westboro Baptist Church

Students and faculty are preparing a counter protest in response to a planned demonstration by the Westboro Baptist Church of this weekend’s Transgender Spectrum Conference.

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Op-ed Submission: Why I’m marching—a call to action

The 2016 presidential election is frustrating for millions of Americans who do not see their interests represented at the ballot box. As a student exercising my right to vote in my first presidential election, I share the sentiment.

Christian Ralph | Class of 2017

Pro-Israel, Palestine groups on campus react to ongoing violence

The ongoing violence faced by Israelis and Palestinians has brought strong student voices on the Washington University campus forward, with Facebook posts, rallies and more.

Ella Chochrek | Contributing Reporter

Anti-Peabody rally elevates support as students await negotiated terms

Although it fell short of its goal of 1,000 participants, Saturday’s rally on Brookings Steps—the largest to date—brought together hundreds, who reiterated their demands that the school cut ties with Peabody Energy.

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