Rainbow Kitten Surprise delivers an energetic performance at the Pageant

On Friday, Oct. 19, indie-alternative band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, also known as RKS, played alongside their opener, indie-pop-rock artist Caroline Rose, for an animated crowd at the Pageant on the Delmar Loop.

Christine Watridge | Contributing Writer

‘How to: Friend, Love, Freefall’ and the constant of change in Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“Hold my hand darling/Pull me in your waters/When you call my name, I’ll be on my way,” the opening lines of “Pacific Love” off of Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s new album “How to: Friend, Love Freefall” ring out. And ring out the whole album does.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

LouFest Saturday doesn’t disappoint—if maybe lacking grass

The guitarist tucked his sweater into his pants, the lead singer wore no top but a bolo tie. We all stood on parking lot asphalt and LouFest just felt a bit too much like Warped Tour.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

But what about the small print?

LouFest has, to be honest, fluctuated in quality quite a bit over the past few years, and although this LouFest may not have a lot of big names (other than the headliners of course), it does have a handful of my favorite artists and bands on the undercard.

| Staff Writer