Which campus library should you study in?

Sometime all you need is the right atmosphere. Take this quiz to find out what’s the right Wash. U. library for you.

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Which DUC food station are you?

’m not sure what my favorite DUC station is, and I’m definitely not sure which one’s your favorite, but I can probably tell you which one you are.

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What animal account should you follow on Instagram?

Distract yourself for a few seconds every day by following an animal on Instagram. If you’re not sure who to follow, we’ve got you covered.

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What IKEA item should you put together this weekend?

Take out all of that steam productively by building furniture! Not sure what to build? Take this quiz and find out:

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What snack should you stress-eat based on your study habits?

As we transition out of the last week of class this semester (what?), it’s time to prepare for finals. More importantly though, you should really figure out what you’re going to be snacking on during this time. Take this quiz to figure out what you should stress-eat this finals season!

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Quiz: Which Wash. U. administrator are you?

Do you ever lose sleep at night trying to figure out which Washington University administrator you’re similar to? Are you struggling to find a quiz that would answer this burning question on BuzzFeed? Is it weird that I knew that, almost like I looked into your brain? Take this quiz!

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What does your sexuality say about you?

1) Where do most of your hookups happen? a. In front of my laptop b. Zeta Beta Tau laundry room c. After marriage d. Against the bunny statue 2) What do you want in a sexual partner? a. At least five fingers b. A pulse, but it’s not a deal breaker c. A sweet personality d. Me 3) How would you describe yourself? a. Asymmetrically muscular b. Eh c.

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Test Your Sex Knowledge

SEX QUIZ 1. It is possible for a guy to have multiple orgasms. True False 2. What is the average length of an erect penis? 5 inches 7 inches 9 inches 3. What is the average amount of time spent kissing in a person’s lifetime? 2,000 minutes (1.5 days) 20,000 minutes (2 weeks) 10,000 minutes […]

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