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Staff ed: Proposition P is well-intentioned, but not what St. Louis needs

The Student Life editorial board believes what the St. Louis Police Department needs is a permanent fix, through the dismissal of unethical, criminal officers and higher accountability for and retraining of current officers, rather than just a funding increase every decade.

Campus unofficially supports successful Prop P

While Washington University did not take an official stance on any propositions posed in Tuesday’s local elections, several University officials unofficially indicated support for Proposition P. The proposition, which proposed a three-sixteenth-cent increase in the sales tax in St. Louis City and St.

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Vote yes on Proposition P on April 2

In 1904, St. Louis was the host of the World’s Fair and the Olympics, making our city the central focus of the entire globe. Unfortunately, this period of success was not sustained, and what was the fourth-largest city in the country dropped out of the top 20 over the next century.

Sunny Mehta | Class of 2013

Prop P to improve Arch grounds, local parks

Local elections are happening tomorrow, so let’s get out the vote! Whether you’re a Lesley Knope or more of a Ron Swanson, your vote counts. One of the most discussed measures on the ballot is Proposition P, the so-called “Arch Tax.” If Proposition P is passed, the sales tax will be raised by three-sixteenths of a cent for the next 20 years in St. Louis City and St.

The Ivory Soapbox: Say no to unfair Proposition P

Local politics rarely receive the kind of attention that their national counterparts do, but they frequently have a more immediate, noticeable effect on the lives of voters.

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