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Don’t believe your professors, you will change the world

There is immense value in studying what has happened before and applying it to the present. But this does not mean that history is bound to repeat itself or that we must follow the same paths as those who have preceded us.

| Staff Writer

Staff editorial: Finals week calls for cooperation

The last few weeks of each semester are laden with stress for everyone—more so than the already stressful, typical week in the life of a Washington University student.

Olin Business School appoints five female tenure-track professors

Olin Business School hired five female tenuretrack professors to its ranks this fall, reflecting University-wide efforts to increase gender parity amongst its faculty.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Course listings need more substance

The editorial board of Student Life urges the Wash. U. administration to put better policies into place that require professors and departments to list more detailed descriptions of how classes will be run, whether through previous syllabi or a document outlining what the class will be structured like (effectively a less finished syllabus).

Fall 2013 class recommendations

It’s time to choose classes for the fall semester. Filling clusters and integrations aside, this is an exciting time and a chance to get outside of your academic comfort zone. Here are our picks for the best classes on campus: Sahil Patel, Editor-in-Chief: Beginning Hindi I The Hindi I and II sequence equals 10 total credits and a Language & the Arts cluster.

Be respectful in lectures

During the last couple of weeks, I have found myself battling a frustrating distraction that I take issue with: students talking during lectures. What upsets me is not that many students tend to talk during lectures; I don’t mind students conversing in low voices to help each other understand a lesson.

| Staff Columnist

Report shows that women earn less than men at WU

According to the May 2010 pay equity report, female professors at Washington University are paid less than their male counterparts. The report, which looked at the 2008-2009 salary information of both tenured and tenure-track faculty, concluded that female professors make less than male professors in every Danforth Campus school.

| News Editor

Finding value in the cultivation of knowledge

The cultivation of knowledge occurs right in the classroom when good professors are able to engage and connect with students. Simply put, a good or bad professor can make or break a subject for me.

David Cohen | Staff Columnist

The decline and future of tenure

Since 1975, according to the American Association of University Professors, there has been a continuous decline in the number of tenure and tenure-track positions at college and universities throughout the United States.

| Staff Columnist

More extensive course descriptions would benefit professors and students alike

The only official pieces of information available to all students when choosing classes are a short course description that rarely changes from year to year and numerical course evaluation scores. Other information comes from unreliable sources such as friends who have taken a class (sometimes from a totally different professor) and websites like

| Staff Columnist