Sex Week posters were poorly considered

Walking around campus it’s hard to miss the bright, blaring posters advertising “Sexual Responsibility Week” here at Wash. U. On one appears the silhouette of a woman wearing nothing but heels, her clearly visible nipples up at attention and her back arched to accentuate her rounded buttocks. Another poster shows the outline of a naked woman kneeling on the ground, her legs splayed wide. Each poster features a naked (or near-naked) woman in a provocative, sexual pose accompanied by a one-word headline: “Sex.” The suggestions are clear: a woman’s body (and maybe even a woman herself, since there are no male images or couples anywhere to be found on these distasteful posters) is nothing more than a sex symbol.

Joan Steffen

Decorating your dorm room: 101

If you’ve ever dreamed of revamping your room at home but haven’t gotten around to actually cleaning it up, then decorating a brand new space can be a very exciting opportunity. Just remember to keep the following tips in mind.

| Senior Scene Editor