These are the can’t-miss concerts you need to see this semester

Walk the Moon, Portugal, The Man, and Lorde highlight a full spring semester concert schedule.

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Cadenza picks the best from WUStock Survey

Now, the survey for the spring 2015 WUStock is out, and there’s a little something for everyone on it, from pure bubblegum pop to indie rock or rap. If you’re feeling a little confused, the Cadenza staff has picked five of the best bets from the list to put on the top of your artist survey.

Seven bands you should discover at LouFest

One of the best parts of LouFest’s relatively small space is that it’s easy to get from one stage to the next, allowing for effortless show-hopping, whether you want to hit up a headliner at the Forest Park Stage or lie back and discover someone totally new while cooling off at the Shade Stage.

Spring W.I.L.D. 2014 Contenders

Spring W.I.L.D. 2014: The breakdown This year, Social Programming Board took a page out of the Congress of the South 40’s book and sent out a list of 10 bands that could possibly play at spring W.I.L.D. 2014, asking students to rank them from 1-10 in a survey. The choices were greeted with encouragement and acclaim on Twitter and Facebook.

Portugal. The Man | Censored Colors

On “Censored Colors,” their third full-length album, Portugal. The Man can’t replicate the forward thrust that has made their previous releases so successful.

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An interview with Portugal. The Man

A few months ago Portugal. The Man were the most famous group of folks to call Wasilla, Alaska home. Now that they have been totally eclipsed by the Palin clan, the group can truly ignore their modest indie-rock fame and concentrate on touring.

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