Political and business leader Carly Fiorina speaks on the importance of leadership and problem-solving

Student Union and the Washington University College Republicans invited prominent political figure and business leader Carly Fiorina to speak to students on campus as part of the Trending Topics speaker series at Graham Chapel Jan 29.

Ted Moskal | Contributing Reporter

‘You don’t talk about it’: Being conservative at Washington University

Many conservative students at Washington University often feel like they need to hide their political views or risk social isolation on a predominantly liberal campus.

| Editor-in-Chief

Washington University’s top political donors discuss civic engagement

In total, University community members donated $58,628.68 to candidates and organizations on both sides of the aisle.

Quincy Schmechel | Contributing Reporter

John McCain and glorifying prominent people

The role that politicians play in our society makes it misguided, even irresponsible, to eulogize their passing without acknowledging their failures. We risk obfuscating, justifying and glorifying these failures, even ones that have substantial and wide-ranging impacts on peoples’ lives.

| Staff Writer

Who asked for a TV show about the 2016 elections? And other concerns

Last month, Ryan Murphy announced that the upcoming season of the television anthology “American Horror Story” will be election-themed. That is, this time around the horror will be about the 2016 United States presidential election. The news came less than a month after Donald Trump took office.

| Film Editor

A second look at the campus political climate

In a recent controversial New York Times op-ed, Bucknell University senior Tom Ciccotta argued that he and his fellow conservative students “have found that we can’t bring up controversial topics without being told we are fomenting hate or invalidating someone else’s existence.”

| Staff Writer

Former governor Romney discusses state of nation, policy preferences

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke about the future of the United States, his experience in the public and private sectors and his personal political views to a packed crowd at Graham Chapel Monday.

| Senior News Editor

A new satire for a new era

I read the newspaper and occasionally turned on NBC (and once, accidentally, C-SPAN), but most of my exposure to politics was through comedy. For me, politics and satire have always gone hand in hand. But lately, satire has started to feel a little different.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Please don’t pass the politics

We all have a relative with rather out-there political views or a cousin with an iffy sense of humor, and they deserve a chance to be in the spotlight. So without further ado, here is a list of the most out crazy, bizarre and offensive stuff that the Forum staff heard at the dinner table.

Forum Staff

St. Louis politicians speak about experiences running for office

Two prominent St. Louis political actors gave advice to students interested in someday joining the political sphere during a panel Wednesday.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter