Plastic bag ban takes hold in Paws & Go

Students accustomed to buying bulk quantities of groceries at Paws & Go might have noticed something missing in the past week. Tote Green, a reusable bag initiative featured at Clinton Global Initiative University last year, was started around 10 months ago, culminating in what started last week: a ban on plastic bags at Paws & Go.

Jessica Greenberg | Contributing Reporter

Dining Services to revisit plastic bag ban in pilot program

Hold on to your plastic bags because soon they could be gone. In conjunction with the Office of Sustainability, Dining Services will remove all plastic bags from Paws & Go starting in early-to-mid-October in a trial run organizers hope will spread to other campus locations.

| Editor in Chief

Bag use reduction efforts to replace proposed campus plastic bag ban

Less than a year after student leaders resolved to rid the Danforth Campus of plastic bags, campus groups have implemented alternative means to curb disposable bag use, such as through the student-run Tote Green initiative.

| News Editor

Kappa Delta: ‘We will puncture your plastic bags’

In the few months since Kappa Delta has colonized on this campus, you may have forgotten that we even exist. Well, we haven’t. We’ve been extremely busy over the last several months. We had a profoundly moving initiation ceremony where we all dressed in pretty white dresses and took lots of pictures to prove to our Facebook friends that we’re popular and loved.

Kandice Destiny | Not just another sorostitute

A semester in retrospect

For the last issue of the semester (and possibly of all time. Fingers crossed), it seems vaguely appropriate to offer a few retrospective thoughts and weigh whether or not we’ve made progress as a campus over the semester. Full disclosure: I didn’t come to a conclusion, but here are a few of the highlights from the highly scientific process of evaluation.

| Senior Forum Editor

Plastic bag ban passes Senate vote 11-7 despite some protest, concern

Student Union Senate has passed a resolution calling for numerous campus businesses to replace plastic bags with paper ones. The resolution, which was drafted by a campus initiative called Another Step Towards Sustainability, expresses Student Union’s support for the reduction of plastic bag use on campus.

Manvitha Makni | Contributing Reporter