This week in WU history: Class fights, marijuana and pizza

A little behind on campus news? Like, 130 years behind? Olin Library just digitized StudLife’s entire archive between 1878 and 2001, so it should be plenty easy to catch up to speed.

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Late nights and pizza pies: Get the most out of delivery

Pizza is the great equalizer of foods. Which of Dominoes, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut strike your fancy?

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Pizza party: Places to get into a pizza coma depending on your mood

You know when you’re like, “Where do I want to get pizza?” and then you need to figure out where to get pizza based on what you’re feeling? I can help you with that! Here’s a guide to getting pizza depending on your mood:

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10 reasons why you should check out Doughocracy

Since its grand opening last month, Doughocracy brings the power of pizza choice to St. Louis. Don’t get me wrong: Pizza has always been welcome in the fast-food realm. But now, it doesn’t have to be of questionable quality—in fact, fast-food pizza can actually be good.

Ariel Kravitz | Contributing Writer

Pi Pizzeria offers tasty options for gluten-free and vegan students

[rating stars=4.5] Students with dietary restrictions will be glad to know that Pi Pizza offers a variety of options that are as delicious as they are safe and healthy. The restaurant, whose closest location is at 6144 Delmar Boulevard, has four locations in the St. Louis area. However, its multiple locations don’t deprive it of its independent and local feeling.

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Thai Pizza Co.

Some culinary marriages were never meant to be. Imagine a pizza crust with a heavy layer of Pad Thai rather than tomato sauce and topped off with a layer of greasy mozzarella cheese. If this sounds appealing, your dreams may have come true; otherwise, you’re likely disgusted.

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Best pizza

Pi’s biggest claim to fame is also what tends to draw new customers—its pizza is President Obama’s favorite. In fact, he paid to have the restaurant’s chefs flown to D.C. in order to cook their cheesy deep-dish delicacies for a White House dinner.

Not your usual icebreakers

Check out some of these well-known St. Louis venues where you can easily have fun in groups and get to know fellow students without any awkward silences or forced conversations.

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Katie’s Pizzeria Café

As finals begin to take over our lives, what better way to kick back and relax than to head off campus to enjoy a quality, moderately-priced meal in a warm, comfortable neighborhood café?

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A W.I.L.D. lack of respect

I hope you all enjoyed W.I.L.D. I hope you didn’t encounter rude staff and volunteers. I also hope you wondered why Green Action wasn’t brought in to help make the event more sustainable. And I hope that you tried to get more than one slice of pizza—and that you succeeded.

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